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"Enjoy your special holiday away with friends and experts and see the real Australia"

All Types of Australian Guided Tours

You are very welcome to come visit Australia and TRAVEL on your own and enjoy what the CITIES and OUTBACK have to offer. Many come and hire a car, 4 wheel drive or camper van too drive themselves or organise a tour travelling on the easily accessible public transport of Bus, Rail and even Ferry both within the Capital Cities and via the Country networks.

Touring Australia

Australia is relatively easy to get around; we have excellent bus and RAIL networks in the cities and from state to state. Cities like MELBOURNE are famous for the trams, SYDNEY has the Sydney Harbor Ferries and most of the cities have free inner-city bus service or all-day cheap fares designed for travellers to use off-peak.

Hire Coach or Minibus Call Dial A Driver Sydney

For those that prefer to come with friends travel in a group or just meet and make new FRIENDS along the way, a planed tour or guided tours are for you.
Australia has all sorts of wonderful places to visit and tours for you to enjoy, on the l and and on the water, from the tropics to the outback.

On the tours index page, the links will take you to pages that explain all the different types of Tours and to Directories that will display some of the recommended suppliers. ENJOY!

In Australia there is something in for everyone, including Australian's who are looking for something different to do on your next HOLIDAY break. Nothing is left out! You will find a tour company that will not only get you there but will show you what being on vacation or holiday in Australia is all about.

Australians are some of the friendliest people in the world and the SIGHTS you will see will amaze you and the memories you will take home will last forever. We know you will want to come back, everybody does!

Spirit of Tasmania Touring Australia

Spirit of Tasmania at dock in Devonport: Photo Lyle Stacpoole

Rail Tours and HolidaysRail Tours and Holidays

The romance of train travel conjuring up visions of old time great train journeys.

Trains are certainly back. Many travellers are discovering how relaxing and wonderful trains are to travel on. The thrill of a train click-clacking along passing through some of the most beautiful country in the world.



Coach Tours and HolidaysCoach Tours and Holidays

Bus and Coach travelling allows you to stop, see, smell and touch and to spend a little time inspecting and taking photos of what you see.

Whether you are travelling on your own or touring with a large group there is a variety of fantastic coach tours and journeys to take in Australia.



Outback Tours and HolidaysOutback Tours and Holidays

Watch as the outback country changes and the red earth glows from horizon to horizon. You will meet the friendly locals and visit places that only a few have ever seen, outback caves where the ABORIGINALS covered the walls with their art centuries ago.



River Tours and HolidaysRiver Tours and Holidays

Discover the awesome beauty of the Australian country and its water-life, waterfalls and pristine lagoons and Marine and National Parks.



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