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Hi Guys, just wanted to congratulate you on such a great website. I've been on for about half hour now and feel so much more confident about going to Aus next year. Planning a 12 month trip with my boyfriend. Keep up the good work for all of us and I will defo be passing on your great name to other travellers.

JB - Dublin, Ireland

I am planning a trip to my Grandfathers home country of Sweden. I am finding it quite difficult to find all the different websites that deal with traveling around the country so that I can successfully plan ahead before I get there. I wish someone would make a website like AML about Sweden.

LS - Brisbane

Hello Robert, I have just spent time looking at Australia My Land web site, I am impressed and congratulate to you and looks like you have now joined up with some other folks so congrats to all of you. I/we hope you will go from strength to strength; you could finish up with a monster, I bet you guys would love that, yep you will get there, keep up the good work. We will, when we can spread the word about the site for you. Robert I sent you our access to our photo's you can use the if you want, just select the ones you think suitable. I believe we have some very good shots all around Australia, I recon one of the best is at Kununurra taken from the look out of the irrigation stream, it shows water actually going up hill, reckon one could have fun with the caption like "Aussies can do anything" - "we can even push water up hill", etc etc. Anyway your call!

Ray & Sandy N. - Somewhere in Australia

I am pleasantly surprised to find that after direct access from advertising and Google search, AML-AM is sending me the most visitors to my site. I am going to definitely continue with my listing on AML.

CEY - The Ink Shop - Head Office Bellara

Robert I think Australia My Land is excellent!
The best thing I did was join up with you the visits I receive to my website I atribute to you and Lyle Thanks guys. Keep it up I feel sure you will succeed. The work is excellent.

Silver Cloud Wedding Cars - Sydney

Great job boy's!
The site is really starting to take shape. I clicked on the surf and earn link yesterday and found my profile page it looks really great. I have already had a couple hits from it. I also wanted to say how grateful I am to you for assisting me with my business. I know you will do well!


What can I say - A great big thank you for all your efforts. Dial A Driver Sydney is going great guns thanks to you! I thought you would like to know that the promotion you guys have put together for me is working and working well my phone is going all the time and I have been booking heaps of work. I see you have placed the ads for me on the pages on Australia My Land.biz too! I am going to open in Brisbane and Melbourne soon so I would like to place ads for both those states and I will need a couple of websites built. So I just wanted to let you know you have the job!

Dial a Driver Sydney

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