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Aussie Slang

"Howyagoen mate" or "G'day mate!" is a great place to start!

Aussies are very well known for the use of our Australian slang

Australian Slang

For the non Australian it can be some what confusing. It can also be a fabulous lot of fun.

Over the past few years a number of websites have sprung up dedicated to Australian Slang.

Our slang has developed from the early Australian settlement days and has stayed with us through time. It no doubt sprang from our Colonial British roots as many of our forefathers (they were convicts) had a 'cockney heritage' and we know know much they love to play with rhyming slang; well it certainly isn't "dried bread" [cockney for 'dead']

Well here we developed our own somewhat 'bush language' that has developed into much of the Aussie Slang thrown about even today.

Not only do AUSTRALIANS use slang, we have a unique accent that is very recognisable around the world. Most people will remember, from the television commercial with a famous Australian Mr. Paul Hogan, the statement he made, "I'll just put another shrimp on the Barbie"! Of course he was talking about the Bar-B-Q not the doll.

You will have fun learning about Australian slang and how Aussies speak.

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them totally would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned! We have however tamed it all down a little as some information is best left out!

Paul Hogan may actually say something like the following at a real Aussie Barbie:-

"Take a look at the size of these bastard's! love! They're the biggest bloody prawns I've ever seen, I'll stick 'em on the barby and geddem goin'."

Translation:- "Please take a glance at the size of these prawns (shrimp) my dear they are the biggest prawns I have ever seen, I will place them on the barbeque and start them cooking."

And if he had just arrived he likely will 'say gidday' by adding:-

"Mans not a camel ya'no! grab me a cupa or a beer willya mate!

Translation:- "I will need a drink to get started, please make me a cup of tea or a can beer my friend."

And so the stories will start being told as they prepare the barbie to start cooking:-

"Just to let you know the bloke I'm work'in with on this thing is built like a brick shit house!"

Translation:- "The man I am working with on the project is very well built; he has lots of muscles and visits the gym regularly."

"Waddayreckon 'ey! we pull the finger out and get started!"

Translation:- "What do you think? Let us get started right now."

"Hey - er's an Aussie" or "Take a gander! There's some Aussie's!"

Translation::- "Look over there, there are some Australians!"

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"Now go orff ere an enjoy-ya self, grab ya mate or ya sheila and hava SQUIZ AROUND"


"Have a look around our pages with a friend and learn a little about the way Australians use words every day."


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