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Murray River at Blanchetown SA

Nargooyia Creek Vic

Murray River at Renmark SA

Australia is mostly an arid country however the northern tropics and eastern ranges provide much-needed rainfall that feed a unique water system that spreads right across the continent.

Lake Eyre in northern South Australia is the largest of many similar lakes that spring to life when the rains bring cascades of water flowing down dry river beds.

The fish are resurrected from muddy holes and before the water has reached Lake Eyre the birds have come from literally hundreds of miles around to have their once in ten years or so banquet.

The Murray RiverThe Murray River

Nevertheless, the Murray River system is one of the longest in the world as it gathers water from nearly half of Australia's land mass and dumps it in the Great Southern Ocean at Goolwa, yet another strange yet wonderful Australian phenomenoum.

While Australia has a number of major rivers the Murray is one of the most interesting, for instance the Murray River is the THIRD longest river that can be navigated in the world, only after the Amazon and Nile. The overall total length is some 2756 kilometres stretching form it's from its source in the UPPER MURRAY and the Kosciusko NATIONAL PARK

The river runs through three states Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia and has four major dams, a number of storage weirs and locks it is the major domestic water supply for over 1.5 million households. The ABORIGINAL PEOPLES have had a special interest in the river for many milleniums and golfers love the place as there are upward of forty golf courses along the banks.

Other Australian Rivers of interest are the Murrumbidgee which flows some nine hundred kilometers, west-northwesterly from the bottom of Peppercorn Hill in the Fiery Range of the Snowy Mountains, right through the Australian Capital Territory to a confluence with the Murray

The Darling River which is one of the longest rivers the third longest in fact in the country, measuring some 1,475 kilometers from northern New South Wales to its confluence with the, YEP ! You guest it the MURAY! at Wentworth in NSW.

The Lachlan River is another significant river that flows west and then south in central New South Wales, terminating in the Great Cumbung swamp near Oxley Wyangala Dam was built not far from Cowra NSW to assist in the flow of the river, this river joins the Murrumbidgee River to the south.


The Rivers of the North-West

In the tropical northern part of Western Australia the Kimberley and Pilbara Ranges generate some of the biggest and most unexplored rivers in Australia. The Ord, Fitzroy and Drysdale Rivers cross terrain as rugged as any in Australia and there are some mighty waterfalls dropping hundreds of feet down rugged red rock through contains numerous mangrove forests, lagoons, creeks, flats and extensive floodplains.

The New South Wales Northern Rivers

Fed by the semi-tropical rains on the Great Dividing Range the Richmond, Tweed, Nerang and Clarence Rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean amid some of the prettiest driving country along river frontages on the continent.

Tumut Pond in Kosciuszko National Park

Tumut Pond in Kosciuszko National Park: Photo Lyle Stacpoole

Banner Photos: Murray River at Blanchetown SA / Nargooyia Creek Vic [Photos Lyle Stacpoole] Murray River at Renmark SA [Photo Glenn Budd]

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