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Western Australia: Pilbara and Kimberleys

"Red Rock, Blue Water, White Sand and the Greenery"

The Beauty of North Western Australia is the Contrast in Colours

Pilbara and Kimberleys Regional Guide

In the northern part of Western Australia lies some of the richest dirt on the planet. The red soil hides buried underneath earthen riches some of which are yet to be found. All the pictures and the research that you do will never prepare you for what you will see when you arrive; here is a place where very few people live or ever have lived. The area has remained unchanged for thousands of years and a visit to the area will create memories that will be retained and passed on to others for the rest of your life.

The extremes in temperature and climate, from the dry winters to the monsoonal summers, also produce countryside so diverse in both nature and people that the trip north is well worth every effort. The redness of the rocky landscapes and the bright yellows and oranges of rocks and flora are in contrast to the unforgettable beauty of the water falls and the lush green of the Bungle Bungle Mountains. There are walking tracks through ancient gorges and swimming holes in freshwater billabongs beneath teeming waterfalls.

Wildflowers abound and are particularly unique in the Pilbara with great opportunities for photography. The amazing native wildlife is bountiful, with kangaroos, wallabies and marine creatures like humpback whales and marine turtles seen just off the coastline. Between September and April the Female turtles lay their eggs in the beachside sands and when they hatch the baby turtles can be seen scrambling for the safety of their new home, the Indian Ocean.

Among the spectacular sights of the region of Broome is the unique Staircase To The Moon. This truly stunning optical illusion is created mainly during the months of from March to October on the evenings of the Full Moon when at very low tide the moons reflections on the exposed mudflats create the illusion of a staircase following the moons rays of light right up to its source. Other wonders include Geikie Gorge at Fitzroy Crossing, Cable Beach at Broome and the many fresh-water outback lagoons of clear blue and aqua water as well as the man-made Lake Argyle Dam.

There are a number of National Parks and places to stay with scenic flights and tours of the various mountain ranges and waterways simply spectacular. This is where the Outback meets the Indian Ocean like no other on this Earth. The major highway follows the coastline along the extreme north-west of Australia with spectacular views and if you venture off the main road the features of this landscape offer scenery unseen anywhere else in the world and from the air from a scenic flight tour it is truly unforgettable.

Major Towns

• Broome

• Port Hedland

• Kunnunura

Pilbara and Kimberleys Regional Guide

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Pilbara Kimberleys Regional Guides



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