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Hobart Locality Guide

"The southern city of beauty and adventure"

On the Tranquil Waters of the Derwent River in the Shelter of Mount Wellington


This beautiful city, set at the foot of lofty Mount Wellington on the edge of the Derwent River, is Australia's second oldest and most southern city. Its climate is cooler and there is a crisp, fresh, nice feel to the city. Many of the old warehouse style buildings on the harbour's edge are restored to their former glory housing museums, art galleries and great shopping and attractions. There is also the Maritime Museum of Tasmania, all helping to make the city a historically picturesque place.

Hobart in Tasmania has a rich history, first discovered by a Dutchman, Able Tasman in around 1642. He name the island Van Diemen's Land. It was not until later that the English colonized and Van Diemen's Land became a prison for the most dangerous of exported criminals from England. Hobart was established in 1803 and the name was changed to Tasmania, in honor of its discoverer.

Hobart's characteristics are unique and different from the other Australian cities. It offers fantastic sceneries, historic convict buildings and high mountains covered with snow in the winter, many beautiful uncrowded beaches with great waves that any surfer would enjoy.

Every year, a few days after Boxing Day, the sails appear on the Derwent River, when the yachts sailing in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race reach the finishing line at Constitution Dock amid a flurry of excitement and general celebration. It seems that all of Hobart as well as quite a large number of visitors from around the world turn out to greet them and to join in on the celebrations.

At Salamanca Place, a short distance from the dock, the famous Cat and Fiddle Arcade is a great place to shop and they have interesting weekend markets. Within a short drive there are fabulous surf beaches, like Clifton, Eagle Hawk Neck and Cloudy Bay as well as historic buildings and drives.

There is untamed wilderness, with cascading water falls and buildings built by convicts minutes from the city centre. The night life includes the casino at Sandy Point and some wonderful restaurants in the city.

It is a myth that you can drive around the island in one day, as the terrain along the way can be quite absorbing as well as a slow trip. Nevertheless Hobart is a great place to start an island escape with some wonderful sights within a days drive from the city and some great overnight places to stay in seemingly far-away places like Strachan on the rugged west coast and Burnie in the north. The main roads are in excellent condition but talk to a few of the locals and they will give directions down little know tracks to some excellent hidden spots of exceptional beauty and wonder. Nevertheless there is a need for care in the most remote areas but the locals will also direct the weary traveler to the best local accommodation and hospitality that can be enjoyed featuring excellent local produce and wines.




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