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Australia's Unique Recipes

"Kangaroo Tail Soup or A Meat Pie and Sauce!"

The Whichity Grub and Famous Aussie Damper - For Dessert A Sweet Pavlova!

Australian Recipes

Australian RecipesAustralian Recipes

People around the world eat just about anything

We Aussies have our favourites too. How about a live Tree Grub? Yummmm! Just remove the bark and there he is sitting in his little hole, a little prodding and you have a white squishy little plump grub with a black nose. Place your head back; lift up the tasty wiggling morsel and BITE IT IN HALF.

The yellow inside oozes into your mouth, hmmmm! the wonderful flavours just trickles down, just cannot wait to grab another!

The Whichity Grub is a favourite of our NATIVE Australians and those who live in the bush. A mug of refreshing hot tea will help wash it down.

Aussie Damper [Outback Bread]

AUSSIE DAMPER, what a wonderful food, a form of bread that is usually baked in the ground in a pot, under hot coals. Fantastic with butter and jam. Yum.


The Great Aussie Meat Pie

There is nothing like a Great Aussie Meat Pie. A sweet handful of puffed pastry pie filled with good old Aussie meat, top it of with tomato sauce and you are in for a feast. You can buy them in just about any store, service stations sell them, heck we have vans and trucks that sell our famous meat pies on the side of the road.

One of the most famous of these is HARRY'S CAFE DE WHEELS established many years ago and still operating today. Here you can buy a pie with just about any filling you can imagine. They tell me the 'tiger' is great; pastry pie with meat filling, mashed patoto, green peas, brown gravy and your selection of sauces. I'll have two!! Great at the footy and goes down well with a coldie (beer) or two.


Our Yummy Pavlova

Ohhh give my a slice!

The Pavlova is a real work of art, a true Aussie cake, with its unusual soft sweet marshmallow centre and a crisp crust that is made by folding a little vinegar and cornflour into the sharply beaten egg whites and white sugar. Then baked and cooled. Whipped cream and fresh fruit like raspberries, kiwi, strawberries and passion fruit are placed around the cake. In the 1920's the famous Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova visited Australia. The (cake) Pavlova was named after her.


Chocolate Lamingtons

Now here is a staple of all fairs, markets and sporting events and festivals. Simple to make but so scrumptous! All chocolatey and coconut sprinkled!


Anzac Biscuits

Another great staple of parties and get-togethers. Crunchy or soft - make to suit all tastes!


Kangaroo Tail Soup

You must try Kangaroo tail soup! The Kangaroo tail is cleaned, cut into small pieces then steamed or boiled. In go the vegies, barley and just about anything you like in a soup. Let it simmer until ready, then just 'gut's' it in. Great with a cold Aussie beer!


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