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From the red desert centre and Uluru to the differing colours and coastlines of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, from the green luscious tropical landscapes to the white tipped Mount Kosciuszko, Australia is a land of contrasting colours and immense and obscure shapes.

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Wildflowers WAWildflowers WA

After just a small amount of rainfall the desert blooms with WILDFLOWERS and RIVERS wind through deserted corners where WILDLIFE still seem to be able enjoy themselves without interference from man.

Which all provides wonderful objects of photography in all seasons.

Photo: Western Australian Wildflowers: Glenn Budd

Banrock Station on the beautiful Murray River at Kingston-On-Murray is a great WINERY to visit with a unique wildlife and natural vegetation reserve being nurtured by the winery.

The wonderful scenery along the Murray River provides numerous backdrops for great photography and Banrock Station itself is a panorama of wildlife and wetlands giving the photographer hours of work or fun, or both.

Banrock Station at Kingston-On-Murray

Banrock Station - Photo Glenn Budd


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