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The Waratah

"The floral emblem of New South Wales"

The Waratah when in flower creates a boldness like no other plant on earth!


Waratah Telopea speciosissimaWaratah - (Telopea speciosissima)

The Waratah could only be described as spectacular. The entire plant boasts boldness with it's bright crimson which can grow to 4 meters, it has dark green leathery leaves that often are toothed edged from 13 to 25 cm in length. The plant petals are really hundreds of individual flowers crowded together into a dense heads.

The plant petals are really hundreds of vidual flowers crowded together into a dense heads from 7 to 10 cm in diameter that usually grow crimson but can be pink or even white.

The Waratah is can be a spectacular garden plant it flowers prolifically and in the right climate and soils it is long-lived. Plants need to be grown in sunny to lightly shaded positions planted in deep, well drained soil. They require to be place where they can be well watered until fully established but not over watered.

It responds fine to pruning which also encourages flowering for the following year, and also avoids the tendency of the plant to assume a untidy shape. The waratah makes for a beautiful flower for decoration and lasts well in water.

The Waratah grows naturally in a number of national parks in the Sydney Basin. The waratah has been exported and is grown in a number of countries, around the world over the years. They are grown in New Zealand, Israel, and Hawaii for the cut flower trade. It is also cultivated in California.

The Waratah is the official floral for the state of New South Wales


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