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"The Australian Outback is a Place You MUST Experience ONCE In Your Life"

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Outback Tours and HolidaysOutback Tours and Holidays

Helicopter Flight Over Glen Helen Gorge Central Australia: Photo by Frank Pittorino

There is no where else like it on the globe, the aussie OUTBACK offers spectacular WILDLIFE and country, fresh water creeks and billabongs (water holes), gorges and waterfalls.

Travel by RAIL, COACH or Four Wheel drive and then experience Flight Charters or Helicopter Rides over spectacular scenery. Stay in OUTBACK ACCOMMODATION and enjoy Station Homestead life for a few days. However you WILL have to prepare and book as these are highly sort holidays with locals as well as overseas visitors.

Watch as the outback country changes and the red earth glows from horizon to horizon. You will meet the friendly locals, that work on the OUTBACK STATIONS (ranches) and meet the owners who will offer everything in the way of hospitality. From outback home-made scones, Aussie oven baked damper and a cup of tea to a cold refreshing outback beer; enjoy it like a local!

You will visit places that only a few have ever seen, outback caves where the ABORIGINALS covered the walls with their art centuries ago. You will meet our native outback Australians and see their wares and have opportunities to buy something very uniquely Australian like a boomerang, didgeridoo or a special 'one-of-a-kind' painting.

Arid Track Western AustraliaDiscover the Remote Parts of Australia

Photo by Glenn Budd Digital Light Photography

Drive down deserted outback tracks to find flora and fauna unique to this wide country. Though mostly arid and desert, Australia has some of the most glorious outback WILDFLOWERS in the world and our outback tour operators know just when and where to go to find them along with the UNIQUE ANIMALS found in Australia.

Nevertheless the Australian Outback is not all desert; far from it. You will find the outback can be only a short distance from some of the CITIES like the tropical north just outside DARWIN and the Great Dividing Range running not far from SYDNEY, MELBOURNE and HOBART on the Apple Isle.

Starry Sky Denmark Western AustraliaStars You May Never Have Seen

Photo by Scott Phillipe SP Photography

Experience outback night skies that are filled with stars, you could almost pluck them out of the sky one by one and place them in your pocket. The smell of the open outback camp fire and the taste of the freshly cooked DAMPER (bread). You will actually experience something very few people in the world ever have.

Every state in Australia has a variety of NATIONAL PARKS and many take advantage of the hundreds of BUSHWALKING trails around the country.

Australia has MORE than it's far share of snakes, spiders and crocodiles, BUT Australia is not as dangerous as some people would lead you to believe, very few people are either bitten or gobbled up by crocks, it must be said that if all care is taken and you do a little home work you will be safe.

Take home Australian outback memories that you will remember and reflect upon forever



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