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"Almost half a million Australians turn up to play Lawn Bowls regulary"

Did you know that people have been rolling up their balls since the 14th Century


Lawn Bowls Reports indicate that interest in lawns bowls is growing at a rapid rate. Once thought of as a sport for the elderly or something you should take up when you retire. Not So! People of all ages are playing and not only in Australia.

Some of the rules have changed over the years, but the fundamentals are still the same.

The uniform or dress code of all cream is also slowly changing and much colour is creeping into the game. Even the bowls are brightening up, with colours like pink - pale blue and greens. The days of the all black bowls are disappearing.

The game can be interesting, exciting and challenging, the comradely is wonderful as is the team spirit. Lawn bowls clubs are a great place to meet and make new friends.

There are many, many lawns bowls clubs all over Australia. The welcome sign is widely displayed at all clubs as is the sign LEARN TO PLAY BOWLS HERE.

A great game everyone can play

The object of the game is to gain points by placing you're bowl/bowls closest the "jack" or a smaller white ball that is rolled up green in the first instance.

The trick or the art is to work out how to curve you're bowl in over the distance to be the closest to the jack. Not forgetting you opponent is trying to do the same thing and will block you with there bowls when ever they can.

Lawn BowlsThe lawn bowl is deliberately lop-sided.

There is a 'bias' or sloped edge on one side of the bowl. This make the bowl turn as it is rolled down the green.

As one becomes more proficient in being able to roll the bowl the same way every time. The skill is in the judgment that guides weight, curve, and distance over the green to the jack.

Guys, it is a great game and well worth your inspection, roll up one day to your local club and ask anyone to introduce you to the person that can get you started.



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