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"It's JUST NOT Cricket"

The famous saying epitomises the traditional English gentlemans game of cricket

Cricket Some might these days doubt the relevance of the saying in todays professional cricket scene, but one traditional thing is still applicable - cricket is still popular amongst all parts of society and culture in most countries that were once a part of the British Empire, Australia included. Test Matches and tours by visiting countries are played in Australia mainly between November and January.

Take a drive on a summer Sunday afternoon from October through to March anywhere in Australia and you will find people watching and playing cricket.


The cry goes out to the umpire when the bowler believes he has the batsman out by a great delivery.

It is interesting to note that Australiansplayed in the first cricket test match in 1877 and we were batting and bowling for some time before that. It is a summers sport that Australians love very much, enjoy and play. The majority of us learned the game as children playing in backyards and on the streets with tin cans, a cardboard box or a tree for the stumps (the bowlers target) and street markings or fences as boundaries for hit fours.

The family dog often becomes a fielder

The dog was always selected in the side because he was best at chasing the ball when hit. Balls have been lost rolling down a drain hole or in the long grass, on house roofs and in that grumpy old mans garden, he would never let us get the ball back. Mum and Dad played and sometimes we would let Siss (our sister) in on the fun, but only when we needed her to make up the numbers, or she was VERY good at the game. Many a window has been broken from the sixes off the bat. So running between the wickets was not all the running that was done.

When going on a picnic or to the beach, you could not go unless you took the cricket bat and a couple of balls. It is still the same today, and when you start to set up the stumps, others will come around and ask "Hey can we play?"

Right now! Many of us play in social matches on the weekends and indoor cricket has JUST TAKEN OFF!.

There are clubs are in just about every town in Australia and indoor cricket venues every where. Social Clubs both in outdoor and indoor are always on the lookout for new players. Hey and the girls play too!

They say that people today are having trouble meeting each other and are tired of going to the same old pick up joints! WELL, PLAY CRICKET!

You will make heaps of new friends.

Points of interest:-

The very first central administrative body for cricket was established in Australia in March 1892.

The Australian Board of Control for International Cricket was formed in 1905.

The organisation changed its title in 1973 to the Australian Cricket Board and yet again on 1 July 2003 when it became Cricket Australia.

The Official Cricket Australia website:-

The Official Site of Indoor Cricket Australia:-

For more cricket statistics go to Cricket World:-

Blind Cricket! Anyone can play cricket - CHECK THESE GUYS OUT!:-

Are you looking for a game or would you like to lean to play? Join a club to make new friends!


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