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Sightseeing - Cradle Mountain and Dove Lake

"Where the mist will drown out the past - and leave you in awe"!

In the Lush Island State of Tasmania, Cradle Mountain is a Real Treat

Cradle Mountain Dove Lake Tasmania

A visit to Cradle Mountain will not disappoint!

In is a truly magnificent part of Australia - Cradle Mountain is a part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and helps form the northern end of the wild Cradle Mt - Lake St Clair National Park.

Taking one of the dozens of short bush walks will help gain a full appreciation of the magic of this area.

You will find a number of short Walks in the Cradle Mountain National Park: For a quick outing take the Enchanted Walk - takes around 20 minutes.

The Dove Lake Loop Walk takes about two hours as does the Crater Lake Circuit

Cradle Mountain Summit is not for the faint hearted you will need to allow six or more to get to the top.

There are a number of multi-day walks in Cradle Mountain National Park The popular Overland Track and its side trips, be well prepared and allow six or more days.

Along the Overland Track there are huts which are equipped with basic cooking utensils, gas stoves and some heating.

There is an amenities block which has showers and "flushing" toilets. Pacing a tent you also find a number camp sites. Be sure to make a booking if your planing to walk the Overland Track between 1 November and 30 April.

The ride home might be a little more enjoyable as there is a small ferry "Idaclair" which travels the approximate 12.5 km to Narcissus Bay and collects some of the weary hikers that emerge from the Overland Track.

What's to be found? Cascading rivers, old-growth rainforests or take a walk and tackle the summit? See the mountainous sandstone jagged outcrops.

Become a part of the great Australian, Tasmanian outdoors and explore the feel of a wild landscape. Guided walks are available, some staying in catered huts along the way. Fresh icy streams running from the rugged mountains, stands of tall pines, you will see the mirror like still waters of glacial lakes and a abundance Aussie wildlife ensuring there will always be something to captivate you. It should be noted that Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular natural areas in Tasmania.

Once you visit you will understand why.

In 1912 Gustav Weindorfer was so impressed by Cradle Mountain and what is had to offer not just for Australians, but to the people around the world. He took on the battle for over a decade to have the area declared a national park at the same time built a chalet of King Billy pine, "Weindorfer's Chalet".

His dream became a reality in 1922. The history of the eindorfers' devotion to Cradle Mountain and their successful efforts to ensure its preservation as a national park can be found on visiting the Chalet, not fare from Dove Lake.

You will also find more history and displays at the Visitor Centre, which you pass as you travel towards Dove Lake.

Contact the Tasmanian Tourist information centre Tasmanian Government Tourist Information

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