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Sightseeing - The Blue Mountains

"The Three Sisters - Katoomba"

The top of the Great Dividing Range

Sydneys Blue Mountains sightseeing

The Blue Mountains are so called because of the colour that they seem to be from a distance. The are a mountainous region in New South Wales and they border Sydney's metropolitan area. The foothills start at approximately 50 kilometres west of SYDNEY on the west side of the Nepean River and extends westward as far as Coxs River.

The mountains consist mainly of sandstone and the area is dissected by deep gorges of up to 750 metres. Interestingly the highest point is Mt Werong some 1,215 metres above sea level.

More than three million visitors arrive at Blue Mountains National Park each year to taking in the specular views from the lookout gazing across to the three Sisters and deeper into the valleys and gorges of the sandstone outcrops and the distant hazy blue forests.

Others come to take on the bush tracks or cycle along the cliff-tops for the views and exercise. Finding some of the 140km of walking tracks, of all grades (some of these have wheel chair access) in the very diverse settings making the Blue Mountains a BUSHWALKING'S paradise.

The Blue Mountains is part of the Greater Blue Mountains and a World Heritage Area. There are known to be rare and ancient plants and isolated animal populations situated in some of the deeper gorges. The Greater Blue Mountains is spectacular place to visit and has a number of national parks surrounding the region. learn more about Australia's NATIONAL PARKS and BUSHWALKING



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