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Australian Wineries

"The vines were brought here on the first ships
in 1788 No wonder we like a drink"!

Australian Wineries now produce some of
the very best wines in the world.

Australian Wineries

Wine making has been dated back before the Bronze age, that is somewhere around c.3500 - 2900BC. The people of the world have not changed that much, we still like a drink. Grape growing and winemaking spread throughout Europe and finally onto the ships to land in Australia in 1788.Vines were originally planted in Australia at Farm Cove.

Due to various difficulties, such as problems with growing conditions and storage, wine making did not quite take off until vines arrived from France some years later. But Australian wine making certainly kicked on from there.

Some time in the early 1820's Aussie wine makers had produced some 90 thousand litres. And we were also already picking up our share of medals back in Europe.

Wine growing was spreading throughout many regions of Australia. In the 1900's we were suppling great quantities of wine to the United Kingdom, somewhere around 4.5 million litres, mainly reds.

The rest is history; Australia is now a major wine producing country.

Taste the reds, visit our famous wine country, travel from the pristine wilderness of Tasmania in the south to Cape York in the north, journey from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans ... there are vineyards and wineries to visit all over Australia.


Special Feature

A Winery in Autumn

Contributed by Jen Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen Victoria

As the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder, it is a stark reminder that another Rutherglen winter will be upon us before we know it! Where does the time go?

The end of Autumn is a beautiful and critical time in the vineyard. With the harvest complete, the leaves of the vines start changing colour and ultimately drop to the ground. It is a sight for sore eyes! But what does this actually mean?

Although the leaves are changing colour, they are still photosynthesizing, and will do so until those cold, frosty mornings hit and the leaves fall. This period is very important in the cycle of the grape vine, as the vine is still accumulating carbohydrates for its next growth period starting in Spring.

As the temperatures continue to decrease the vine starts to prepare for the winter shut down (or dormancy). Essentially, the vine sets itself up with the equivalent of 'anti-freeze', becoming more cold hardy and protecting itself (and in particular the buds - the source of next season's fruit) from freezing.

Contributed by Jen Pfeiffer: Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen Victoria



Pfeiffer Wines Rutherglen Victoria



Regardless of your preference, there are vineyards and wineries in abundance, dozens of cellar doors open to the public all around Australia and they are all worth visiting and what is more, there is a wine that will satisfy every taste.

A journey you might like to try; take a couple of friends, fly to MELBOURNE , hire a car and drive the Great Ocean Road through to South Australia and stay in some of the BED AND BREAKFAST along the way, taking in all the wineries of the Victorian and ADELAIDE South Australian wine country. Or fly to PERTH Western Australia and take the Margaret River wine tour and there are more to visit in the New South Wales' Hunter Valley, via SYDNEY Plus HOBART in Tasmania and Queensland.

Hopefully you will be able to remember, the great memories that you created. Take the camera! After your first visit to the Australian wine country we know you will come back again.

There are a number of Vinyards and Wineries to visit and the staff are ready to pour and waiting for you to taste the wines! Take the tour.

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