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Forget the kids! Ah! Orright - tak'em if you like

Looking for some fun? Well the show is about to start - Visit a theme park!

Australian Theme parks

Australian theme and animal parks are for all ages from 3 to 93. There is something for everyone. I promise you, you will never regret your visit.

Australia has some of the most exciting theme parks and people visit them from all over the world. There are parks for fun and with rides to enjoy, great Aussie zoos to visit and walk among the animals and water theme parks with wet slides that seem to go on for ever. We even have show parks like the Australian Outback Spectacular where you can see real Australian talent. Be sure to add theme parks to your list of things to see and do on your next HOLIDAY.

"Sure, bring the kids as they might have as much fun as you."

Many, many hours can be spend in just one exciting location, on the GOLD COAST or take the expedition and visit them all. Some families spend a few days of fun filled hours exploring all the different attractions by moving from one theme park to another.

People come from all over Australia and the world to visit and ride on the rides, slide on the giant water slides, pet The ANIMALS, even watch a crock roar out of the water to take food from the handler or listen to the stock whips crack as the show begins at the outback Australian spectacular.

Just about every CITY in Australia has a theme park or two SYDNEY and MELBOURNE both have Luna parks right with in reach of the cities.

Cricky mate, unleash the adventurer within you. Go and experience the excitement and magic of a world where you can be part of the action. Jump on an exhilarating ride like no other in this world. Ride on one of the unprecedented thrill rollercoaster's where you travel at unbelievable speeds. It's an exciting adventure just waiting for you!

Be sure to visit Wet'n Wild Water World, bring the kids. You and the whole family will have some GREAT WILD fun. Experience the latest slides and pools. Bring your towel, and hey guys don't for get the camera, take all photos you like of the fun times and the memories of the exhilarating slides the home with you. Show you fiends and entice them to come back with you for a second visit.

It must be said in Australia we have some of the most interesting and wonderful and unique theme parks with the best rides, the most fantastic animals and spectacular shows in the world.



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