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"Everyone should experience the Australian outback once in their lives"

Australia has some of the largest properties in the world

Australian Homesteads or Stations Holiday

In Australia today many homesteads, rural working properties or remote stations have opened their doors to the public and tourists alike. You can visit, stay awhile and experience the outback on these vast cattle and sheep stations.

The Australian OUTBACK is like nothing you have ever experienced. Open endless country that goes from horizon to horizon full of red and golden colours, long fences that never seem to end and all boasting sheer, wild beauty.

The night spreads across the sky from the glowing simmering sunsets and millions of gleaming stars burst onto the jet black background; they feel that close that you can almost reach out, pick one and place it in your pocket or touch them one by one.

The night silence is deafening and has an ABORIGINAL dreamtime spiritual feel. You might sit by a campfire and smell the timber burn and watch the flames flicker over the faces of others that understand and have the same feeling of contentment you do.

Visit DARWIN in the Northern Territory and PERTH


Kilcowera Station

Kilcowera Station in outback Queensland is the place to go for both adventure and peace and quiet. Take part in the station (ranch) life, venture out to see the wildlife or just relax in the quiet solitude of the Australian Outback.


Kilcowera Station is a large cattle station (or ranch) halfway between Hungerford and Thargomindah on the Dowling Track in South West Queensland, 1000kms west of Brisbane. It is quiet, private and remote, perfect for a week away or as a stop-over on your journey through the Australian outback.

Kilcowera Station Holiday
Kilcowera Station Vacation Queensland      Kilcowera Homestead Holiday
"There is much more to to see in life other than traffic, pollution, concrete and tar roads".

There are a number of homesteads and stations to visit that are well equipped and beckoning you! Whether you go and stay in the ready-made onsite accommodation just to relax, or decide to pitch a tent and camp or maybe you would like the rough and tumble of joining in with the station life and work; the options are plenty and the hospitality very unique and homely.

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