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Classic Aussie Pubs

"It's all about the mateship, so grab ya swag luv and let's go to the pub"!

Aussies love a drink! Some people say it's the climate!

Australian Pubs

We Australians are famous for our beers, and they are sold with pride all around the world.

AUSTRALIA would not be Australia without our pubs! That's the place to go after a hard days work to enjoy a cold beer with mates. It's also a place where you can hook up with new friends, dance, karaoke, gamble, play darts or pool, listen to the juke-box or live bands and even grab a bite to eat.

Aussie pubs have ACCOMMODATION and serve breakfast, lunch and many now offer dinner. The famous 'counter lunch' or 'dinner' is a great deal with wholesome meals served at reasonable rates at most corner pubs.

Backpackers by the dozen frequent the pubs in fact some pubs are promoting BACKPACKER accommodation these days.

Australian PubsYou will pick up a lot of great Aussie SLANG in the local too!

There is a dress code too but that is usually only after 7 pm in most pubs, so up until then you can wear just about anything.

So it seems you could just about spend everyday all day in the pub.

There are pubs in every part of Australia, the large CITIES, suburbs and all the country towns. Imagine the stories that would have been told at the bar over the decades past.

Not forgetting the old-time locals and bar maids that stand the bar and love nothing more than to share a bloody great yarn or tall story with the blokes visiting.

The Aussie pub has heaps to offer, a great selection of beers and wine, food, conversation, atmosphere, have a bet on the races, play pool and most pubs have a band playing.

So pack your swag (bag) and head to a pub to stay and enjoy the Australian experience in both the city and the outback. The Aussie pub ranges from the classic grand corner hotel, a reminder of the history of Australian towns, to the tavern type hotel situated in many towns, like the one pictured below in the ADELAIDE HILLS, that were once a nightly stop-over for travellers and still are a great place to stay the night.

Adelaide Hills Inn

Adelaide Hills Inn - Photo courtesy of DIGITAL LIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY

There are just heaps and heaps of (Watering holes) pubs and you will find many of them on your journey SLURP, SLOP AND DRIBBLE


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