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Australian Volunteers

"There seems to be a need for volunteers everywhere!"

Australian's who volunteer!

Australian Volunteers

YOU CAN HELP! In the general community you will find dozens of charities looking for people to offer their time to work as volunteers.

Many people are in need who simply are not unable to help themselves and others that are not looking for charity, but do need assistance to help them over difficult hurdles, the list is endless.

Volunteer Fire BrigadeAustralian's know what is needed!

Australian's are always ready to help, you will find Australians not just helping in Australia, but all around the world in times of flood, drought, fire, cyclone or even earth quakes and we are always the first to put our hands in our pockets for money, even if we are broke to help others!.

At home in Australia many of us join organisations like the VOLUNTEER BUSH FIRE BRIGADE which have branches in every state or volunteer to become SURFLIFE SAVERS protecting swimmers while patrolling our beaches. Others work for MEALS ON WHEELS or the VOLUNTEER COAST GUARD these are just a few of the great examples of peoples willingness to volunteer and in some cases put their own lives at risk to assist others.

Community Help Groups

The people that are members of Rotary, Lions and Apex or the Variety Club are in the field so to speak, on a daily basis, mowing lawns, cleaning windows, removing rubbish, or just there for a chat. All for those who for one reason or another can't help themselves.

Then when they are not in the field they are out there raising money selling raffle tickets and cooking sausage sizzles to raise funds for a bus or money to assist a sick child.

We can not leave out all the social clubs that donate thousands of dollars to schools and sporting clubs, assist with funerals and any number of things to help the people in the community.

Then there's volunteers who visit the homeless in the streets at night and bring blankets and clothing or cook a meal in a van and have the needy lining up for a meal.

Australian volunteers come from all walks of life and many are only able to donate a little time while others who maybe retired are able to offer more. Some people donate time on the weekends or week day evenings to help someone in need!

Volunteering is Not All Hard Work

But you will know you are involved; some organisations will give you a healthy shove and will always be asking you for more. HOWEVER the rewards are there, when you see a smiles on the faces of those you have helped and the camaraderie is wonderful. Then of course there's the social side, when volunteers can celebrate a job well done. Serving as a volunteer can and will remind some of how lucky they are.

The Variety Club of Australia

The Children's Charity depends on the generosity and goodwill of people who devote their time and energies to helping children in the Australian Community.

VARIETY CLUB also provides grants to individuals, organisations and hospitals for a great number of items such as special wheelchairs, vocal output speech devices, prosthetic limbs, special play equipment and liberty swings. They also provide Sunshine Coaches to special schools so that kids can get out to improve their quality of life.

As you can see volunteers are needed in many different situations, we have touched only a few. Your help is wanted all over Australia in every state and territory, for that matter the world can use you help.

Should you wish to become a much needed volunteer or sponsor, or even make a donation to a charity, please take few minutes to survey the list of AUSTRALIAN VOLUNTEER ORGANISATIONS online. Be sure to check the credentials of any charity before you join.

Charitable Organisations are invited to submit information for publication on this website at no charge. Go to CONTACT US


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