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It's true to say that those of us that do not spend time on the road in a prime mover do not have a great understanding of those that do.

The complexities collecting a load and then transporting that load over many miles to destinations, city to city, town to town.

In most cases it is not just collecting the load but insuring the goods are loaded and the trailer is balanced - then there's the securing of the load by roping or chaining and tying it down and canvas covering and tying down the canvas ensuring when the truck links up to the trailer the driver can feel assured that the total rig as safe and ready for its journey.

Of course when the rig arrives at it final destination all this work needs to be undone so the trailer can be unloaded - canvas all folded and ropes and chains bundled, ready for the next load. All this equipment needs to maintained and kept in good order.

To ensure safety the prime mover needs to be in tip top shape before every journey our driver or trucker needs to be sure all the engine oil levels are correct, everything opens and shuts - there is the hook of the prime mover to the trailer - air lines to brakes - wiring to trailer lights and much more.

The vehicle requires copious quantizes of fuel, tire pressures need to be checked, spare tires and equipment to change tires on the open road needs to be kept in the vehicle.

Australian Truck Companies

When the rig final starts its journey the trucker needs to consider his journey time - what is the condition of the roads they will travel on - are there any diversions they need to consider before he starts; are there bridges out, the height of the load, is there flooding anywhere, are there bushfires, when will they take their rest breaks, completing their log books, what is the time table for this load, what time will they need to be at the premises to ensure the load is unloaded, where will they stop for meals and fuel, when will they call home or the base, will there be a queue for unloading when they reach their destination, will there be a return load or do I run home empty? Whew! That much? YEP!

Once on the road the trucker needs to be mindful of others on the road and things like motor vehicle accidents, ensure that they do not fall asleep, be prepared to change punchers in tyres or blow outs, ensure they are traveling within speed limits, high beam - low beam, continually changing gears up and down, some townships have noise restrictions, sometimes they may need to stop to assist someone in trouble. Of course they don't have that much to do so let's ask them to do a charity run to help those in need and guess what many off them would.

Truck maintenance is the most important things in a truckles life. The repairs, servicing, replacing of warn tyres and cleaning. The modern truck or prime mover has been designed to cut down as much wind resistance as possible but they still have not designed a method of self cleaning.

"Many truckers are very proud of the way in which they maintain their vehicles"

"Cricky" who wants the job - Congratulations go out to those that take to the roads day after day. Our thanks go to all of you that carry our goods - You are needed!

Lights On The Hill Truckers MemorialLights On The Hill Truckers Memorial

A special mention must also be made of all the truckers who we have lost on the roads at their job.

And if ever you are passing through Gatton in South East Queensland be sure to stop and pay your respects at the Lights On The Hill Truckers Memorial, named after the famous Slim Dusty song of the same name.


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