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"Much to do about nothing or everything for over 50's"!

The Australian Over 50's Seniors Guide!

Australian Seniors About Over Fifty 50

Those reaching the great age of over FIFTY or SIXTY and beyond are to be CONGRATULATED!

Getting older is no reason to sit around and do nothing with some in their 80's still having a great time in their lives. While it might NOT be you, some people are still running marathons at 80 Plus! There are also many that do not want to give up working, some people love the job or the business they run and want to keep moving forward and enjoying what they do and every part of life.

As long as you are alive there is something you can achieve and strive for. Life for many only begins after they reach the magic age of 50 years having gained a great deal of experience in any number of secular activities and pastimes.

The Australian population in general is aging and because of this hundreds and hundreds of business have sprung up offering all manner of wonderful opportunities for people 50 and over to go see or do.

And as this is the age of the computer and the internet, to go online and search for information about things to do and achieve is now not only easy but relatively cheap.


Right here on our own website there are lots of ideas and opportunities to follow up on. You may consider a road trip to one of Australia's major CITIES or plan an OUTBACK ADVENTURE.

Maybe a OUTBACK OR 4 WHEEL DRIVE TOUR, a BUS TOUR or try the comfort of a RAIL TOUR.

For Many Australians a road journey around the country could not be bettered. In many cases the Over 50's have a little cash put aside and the time to travel. There are a numerous local and national travel clubs and organisations that provide information and would like to have you as a member.

The Community

If you are looking to fill in a little time and you are looking for something to do to get involved in the community, you might consider becoming a VOLUNTEER or joining a local community social or sports club if not to participate then just to help.

Seniors Week

Every state and territory in Australia has a few days a week or a month set aside for seniors. Some states call these days Seniors Week or Festivals.

Seniors Week is a special time that is dedicated to celebrate the valuable contributions seniors have made to the country. During this time seniors have wonderful opportunity to celebrate who they are and what they like to do.

Seniors are able to participate in a wide range of different events during this special period. The events are of great entertainment including concerts, laughter workshops, health, fitness, wellness art, technology and sport, walking tours, fitness workshops, film screenings, social media workshops, cultural debates and much more.

Information is available on the events in your area and you can visit the state or territory websites to confirm the information and the dates.

State Seniors Week Information Sites

Australian Capital Territory: March - SENIORS WEEK ACT

New South Wales: March - SENIORS WEEK NSW



South Australia: To be confirmed - SENIORS WEEK SOUTH AUSTRALIA



Western Australia: November - SENIORS WEEK WESTERN AUSTRALIA

You are only as old as you feel and life is for enjoying!


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