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Australia's Indigenous People

"A people whose association with the land is like no other people in the world"

A People Who Owned A Continent

The Original Australians

They live not closely with nature; they live as part of nature. Nor do they live off the land, but
they live with the land.

"Their home, Australia"

Many Aboriginals in AUSTRALIA would still like to live their lives as they did thousands of years ago, as hunters and gathers living in harmony with nature, and while some do succeed, others have moved or been forced toward the European way of life.

The English came in their wooden ships over 200 years ago and effectively just moved in! They brought animals like HORSES and rabbits. The new people did not live with the land, they chopped down the trees and cleared great paddocks, built houses and large HOMESTEADS. These new people simply took over the country.

Australia's Indigenous People Aboriginals have lived in Australia for something like 4,000 years (some say 40,000 years) before the white man came. The land retained its natural beauty, there were no improvements. It has been said that Aboriginals did nothing with this land. That is because it was beautiful to them as it was. They did not invent the wheel, they had no need too, they WALKED everywhere and left the country as they found it.

Aboriginals have survived the test of time and are slowly clawing back what was taken from them. There is no doubt that they have had a very hard time and their numbers have been reduced. However their dream-time, dance, music, traditions and beliefs are all intact.

Photo of Aboriginals

Photos Courtesy of Northern Territory Tourism

History will give them much credit, as it is now known that the Aboriginal had a very effective society based on what was believed by many to be the most effective judiciary system in the world at the time of the first white settlements. It is very interesting, that many of us talk about going out to the country, going bush or the OUTBACK for vacation or HOLIDAY. Many of us travel in CARAVANS to visit places the aboriginals walked and to learn from them the art of self-reliance and self-belief.

There is much more to life than concrete and tar roads.

Australian Rules Football

Australian Rules FOOTBALL was partly based on the Aboriginal game of Marn Grook.

Indigenous players now make up a large number of footballers playing at the highest level in the AFL. Their sheer speed, skillfull ball control and ability to evade the tackler makes them a wonderful spectacle to watch as they grace the footy field. They can also get off the ground too as the photo below shows.

Australian Rules Football "WOW! Wot a screamer!"

Ashley Sampi takes to the sky as he takes the AFL Mark Of The Year in 2004

The term 'mark' is taken from the Indigenous word 'nemarka' which means 'to catch' and jumping high to catch the 'ball' was a unique ingredient of the Indigenous game of Marn Grook.

Yes folks, he really did jump that high!

Photo courtesy of Drop Punt


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