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Surfing in Australia

"Why Australia? Because we have 36,000 kilometres of pristine coast-line"

Surfing in Australia - Some of the Best Breaks in the World

Surfing Australia

Do you want deserted beaches? Uncrowded point and beach breaks? Diversity with lefts and rights and adventure in places like HOBART Tasmania and DARWIN in the Northern Territory?

You have read the mags and heard about the secluded and obscure reef breaks! The great PEOPLE . Guys and Gal's, do not just keep dreaming about what Australia has to offer - "come and experience it!!"

Take your own photographs on location of the some of the best surfing locations in the world, do not just listen to the stories that others tell, BOOK YOUR TICKET, come with some mates or alone and you will make great friends in Oz.

We hope you are getting excited, because we will wet your appetite and entice you to come and ride some of the best breaks in Australia.

Australia has some of the most diverse surfing locations in the world. Many of the websites mention Kirra, Bells and Margaret River as being among some of the best in the world, but there are many, many more reef, point and beach breaks. Do not be fooled though, you will need a suit to surf in the southern states. But it will be worth it.

Learn to surf. Come as beginner and go home a surfer, visit the WAVE SURF SCHOOL

Surfing In Australia

Photo Matthew Bowden - SXC

Many head straight to SYDNEY in New South Wales and the GOLD COAST in Queensland. We would recommend to those that are into big wave riding the south would be a destination you must include. HOBART in Tasmania also has some great breaks however it is cold, but you will leave the crowds behind and start finding some great surf and often there is no one but you there, a surfers dream. They surf all year round in Tassie, if you like the idea of plenty of uncrowded breaks and are keen to make new friendships and ride clean, sweet powerful waves, you will find it all there.

Just be careful that it is safe where you do go.

We Aussie's love to surf and you are invited to come down under. As Australia is an island with a vast coast line you can hire or buy a van and just go, drive, find. You can always find an empty peak if you are willing to look.

Just in case you have never surfed before, Australia is just the best place to learn, there are plenty of surfing schools and options to accommodate every skill level.

SURFING AUSTRALIA is one of the more well known surf schools, and offer classes for every ability and age. If you can swim, you can take part in surfing in Australia.

While you are in Australia, take the time to visit the TORQUAY SURFWORLD MUSEUM

No matter what level of surfing you are at when you arrive in Australia you will notice an enormous improvement in your skill level when you leave for home. "It's guaranteed!!"

"We Aussie's believe we have many of the world's most treasured surfing locations.


Perth Surf Beach

Photo Cee Lee - SXC



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