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Australian Scuba Diving

You can not even dream about what Australia has to offer - you have to experience it!


You could look at a thousand photographs of dive locations in this country; listen to the stories from others that have all ready been here and the pictures they create for you won't be enough.

I hope you're dribbling with anticipation, because we will wet your apatite and entice you to come and see the wonders of Australia.

Australia has some of the most diverse dive location in the world; there is 36000 kilometres of coast line to Explore. Scuba Diving schools and clubs operate from a number of places

Australia has some othe best wrecks, and if your game , some of the caves are spectacular, then of course the famous Great Barrier Reef alone will keep you in the water for days.


Diver at the wreck of The Yongala

Diver at the wreck of The Yongala - Photo Rick Hawkins - SXC

It does not stop there! There's still the Whitsunday Islands, one could just spend time relaxing on the white pristine sands looking over the beautiful crystal waters. Then you have places like Lizard Island and Port Douglas.

And that is only the Queensland tropics; we still have amazing dive locations on just about every coast line off every Australian state.

Diving in Australia is an experience most divers only dream about, but few take the opportunity I hope it's you!

You will dive in beautiful clear unclouded blue waters; see a super large variety of tropical fish of every colour imaginable and coral that will amaze you.

Whether you are a beginner, want to learn to take the plunge (sorry about the Pun) and be taught to dive, or your up there with the best you will not better our country.

Bring a mate, girl or boy friend, wife or husband and while your diving they can snorkel or sip on a cool, "well I'll leave that to you're imagination"

sydney scuba diving

Photo Rick Hawkins - SXC

Make Australia your first choice for your next scuba diving vacation!

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