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Australian Gardens

"A glance through these pages will introduce you to some of
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Excited gardeners do a lot of digging downunder

Australian Gardens

Australians in their 40's to 50's are know as "baby boomers". This term came about for a number of reasons. One, when after the Second World War the politicians of that time told us all to propagate and populate Australia or die! So we did. Australians got about building their families, and we had a lot fun doing that!

Why discuss this when we are talking about gardening? That's a good question.

"Well, I thought it best to let you know we Australia are very good at populating and propagating and it is the same with our gardens!"

There are gardeners out there, people like you, who just love to spend time with there hands in the earth, and the garden is often their whole life.

While I am not suggesting that is all there is to life, many of us work extremely hard and are considering other ways to get away from the madness of work. Some are TRAVELLERS, others CARAVANNING their way around the country, some people love to play SPORT or play bingo, others go sailing, SURFING or spend time in their church group, or VOLUNTEER for charity work. Reading novels also grants some people immense pleasure, while MUSIC can provide many of us with an interest.

Yet, one of the most popular ways for people of all ages to spend their time is gardening. It really is amazing that there are gardening, radio and television shows, books and internet sites; you name it, gardening is everywhere.

Australian Gardens          Australian Gardens

Garden pictures by Pam Renouf and Jo Hambrett - New South Wales and Victoria

The following text is an extract from Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants

Those who are into gardening say that one needs to experience it to understand it. It is a different kind of happiness to see the saplings grow into trees, which then bear fruits and flowers of various shapes and colours. The plants become your babies and you care for them, as if they are your life. Today, gardens have become a craze among many. Even if one is not interested in gardening, he or she wants a beautiful garden infront of their house, which would be the cynosure of all eyes.


A point of interest; Australia has some of the most unique and interesting WILDFLOWERS flora and fauna. The plant life placed in the right situation can make for the most unique and interesting gardens.

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