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Australia My Land

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Hiking - Bushwalking or Trekking All Over Australia

"Wander through the Australian Wilderness on day or month-long treks"

The wonders of Australia await you with so many places to visit

Hiking Holidays in Australia

Do not die wondering; pack your bags and get ready for the trip of a life-time. I promise you will not regret it.

You will take Australia home in your heart and have wonderous stories to tell and dreams about your next visit downunder.

The Australian aboriginal had an association with the land like no other people on earth, walking and exploring was very much a part of there lives. For some years the term describing this walking is know as "walkabout." Or going "walkabout". While the practice of walking was to gather and search for food walking was also the means of TRAVELING to other places to meet up and trade with different tribes, this created tracks and trials between regions through most of the bush lands and deserts throughout Australia.

Bushwalking today can still be considered as exploring because there are hundreds and hundreds of exciting placed to visit. Australia has much open wilderness space we have established many NATIONAL PARKS and reserves that are all waiting for you to find and enjoy.

Where in the world can you walk and come face to face with marsupials like the Aussie KANGAROOs or find a KOALA sitting in a gum tree. Hear the COCKATOO'S screeching or our famous kingfisher, the KOOKABURRA, laughing.

Not to mention the fantastic untouched wilderness SCENERY, the long deserted BEACHES and the views from mountain tops where next to no one has been before.

Australia has six States and two Territories. Every state has much to offer. The most iconic attractions awaits the exploring traveler. Imagine feeling a part of the 40,000 year old culture of the Australian Aborigines.

How much diversity do you want? You will discover uncrowded NATIONAL PARKS, beaches, extinct volcanoes, lakes, lava tubes, cascading hot springs, hidden gorges, sensational FISHING spots, mining relics, waterfalls, charming country towns and open cut OPAL mines. You can pan for gold in the RIVERS and visit some of Australia's richest agricultural lands.

Walking and or bushwalking is without doubt one of the least expensive forms of exercise and of course one of the most beneficial to ones HEALTH. It will improve cardiovascular fitness, reduce stress, help control weight and the more you do it the more beneficial it becomes.

If you are really into hiking and trekking be sure to take a unique journey of discovery visit Australia's last frontier. Go north of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation and explore Cape York Peninsula or take the exciting Heysen Track all the way, 1200 kilometres, from the Flinders Ranges in South Australia's north through the ADELAIDE HIlls to the south coast at Cape Jervis.

Completed in 1992, it covers some of South Australia's most SCENIC and picturesque bushwalking country, and passes through NATIONAL PARKS, state forests, farms, sheep and CATTLE STATIONS, historic towns and two of the world's great WINE regions, the Barossa and Clare valleys.

Or maybe the unique Bibbulmun Track, from the suburbs of Perth all the way to the south coast to Albany, a distance of 963 kilomoetres through some of the tallest timber in Australia is more to your liking.
Find out more about THE BIBBULMUN TRACK


Hike, trek and experience our unforgettable Australia and you WILL go home a different person.

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