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Beaches: Sydney NSW

"Bondi is a most iconic beach in Sydney - but its just one of many"

Everyone should make the effort to see Bondi Beach - it is more than a legendary stretch of sand

Sydney Beaches

Sydney has approximately 70 surf beaches that allows for surfers of all levels. Freshwater Bay has the unique history of hosting Hawaiian Duke Kahanamoku who in the summer of 1914-1915 demonstrated and popularised surfing for the first time in Australia. There are a number of Surfing Schools all the way along the coastline for all students, both beginners and intermediate learners.

Bondi BeachBondi Beach

Sydney's No 1 and Australia's most famous beach. If you have never been to Bondi you have missed out on seeing something very special. Even the name "BONDI" beckons questions. Interestingly some say name Bondi came form the aboriginal Biddigal Tribe that occupied Bondi, others disagree? Most are of the opinion that the word means
"The sound of water breaking over rocks".

Bondi is very popular not only for the locals, but for people form all over Sydney, the proximity of the beach is about 4 miles or 6 kilometers from central Sydney CBD.

Bondi is approximately a kilometre in length and areas are set aside for everyone, swimmers, sun bathes, walkers, volleyball players, board riders or whale watchers. The beach is patrolled by the famous Bondi beach volunteer life savers and they set aside in the summer months a number of flagged areas to allow swimmers to dive and jump the waves in safety. The beach is also protected by shark netting keeping unwanted guests from partaking of the swimmers?

While Bondi is very cosmopolitan and beach beautiful, the ocean can be very inviting. Be advised that it can be dangerous in the water, it is important that swimmers always swim between the surf life saving flags as he rips at Bondi are well known by the locals and they can quickly drag you out to sea. New comers to the beach need to be very watchful as most of the people who have been rescued have been taken out or caught in a rip.

Visitor have many reasons to venture out and visit Bondi. You could just relax spread out a towel lay and take in the sun on the sand or enjoy a swim keeping an eye on the water for the sea pods of dolphins and sometime the migrating whales that appear just off the coast. The water temperature in Bondi averages around 15-25 Degree Celsius throughout the year and in the summer months sits about 21 Degrees.

Bondi car parking is a hassle, that is the only way to describe it! The best way to get to Bondi is by public transport and the bus is the best. If you must take the car, parking meters are available. All day free parking can be found near Bondi Lawn Bowling Club at Warners Ave or Old South Head Rd, but both areas are a bit of trek to get to the beach.

Once arrived and set up everything is available to you, Bondi has it all and just within a few steps from the beach, shopping, clubs, cafe, pubs, surf shops, nothing is missing. So when you pack to go to enjoy a day at Bondi all you really need is a towel.

Riding the waves at Bondi can be exhilarating. It is an excellent beach for surfing and works most of the year. The beach is in a southerly position and the offshore winds help hold up the breaks. While the southern end of the beach is set aside for board riders. Surfers are able to take advantage of most of the beach. The northern end of the beach more carries a more genital wave and is suited to beginners. The surf is reasonably constant and carries a 2-4 foot wave and some times can reach up to 5.-6 feet. It can become a little crowed and the more dominant riders can be a little aggressive so get out early.

Manly BeachManly Beach

Easily reached from the city by taking a short 30 minute ferry ride from Circular Quay plus followed by a short walk the Manly Corso lined with shops, pubs, popular surf shops, cafes and a variety of galleries. There is always a bit of Street Entertainment happening keeping the beach alive with activity.

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