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Australian Working Stations

Australia just would not be Australia if there were no working outback stations. As a point of interest Outback Station Accommodation broadly refers to any type of accommodation that people are able to visit or work on in the Outback Regions of Australia.

As most of the Australian population live within the larger cities along the coast line, much of rest of Australia could be referred to as the OUTBACK . The outback neither begins nor ends at a particular point. It is regarded as the vast distances outside the metropolitan areas.

It must be said that accommodation with cattle and sheep stations, which are also referred to as homesteads, is not for everyone. However some of the best and most unique tourism experiences in the world and real 'Aussie' experiences are created for those enjoying this style of accommodation.

City life is so far removed from this situation, here you can truly get away from the hustle and bustle, the tar and cement to walk in the red dust, smell the bush and hear the Australian Birdlife all adds to the powerful lure of the Australian outback.


Kilcowera Station

Kilcowera Station in outback Queensland is the place to go for both adventure and peace and quiet. Take part in the station (ranch) life, venture out to see the wildlife or just relax in the quiet solitude of the Australian Outback.


Kilcowera Station is a large cattle station (or ranch) halfway between Hungerford and Thargomindah on the Dowling Track in South West Queensland, 1000kms west of Brisbane. It is quiet, private and remote, perfect for a week away or as a stop-over on your journey through the Australian outback.

Kilcowera Station Holiday
Kilcowera Station Vacation Queensland      Kilcowera Homestead Holiday

On most outback stations you will not only experience the wide open spaces you could be assisting with the annual cattle muster, feeding animals, saddling up horses, even rounding up sheep. Lean whip cracking and how to use a rope, or just sit on a rough timer rail and watch.

The nights can be spectacular, sitting around an open campfire enjoying the cooking smells from camp oven dinners, maybe eating a little KANGAROO TAIL SOUP scrumptious DAMPER listening to the wild stories and trying to learn the real AUSSIE SLANG.

Station Property Accommodation is all about having a relaxing or adventurous time.



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