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Set in some of the most idyllic locations all over Australia

Australian Eco Lodges

Australia is advanced in many things and Eco lodges just fit right into the Australian way. All designed to cause as little impact as possible on the local environment.

Real Eco Lodges can be easily identified as many are now members of the ECO lodges of Australia and carry the ECO logo assisting those who are searching for properties that align themselves with a set of guide lines helping educate the prospective visitor, so confusion is not caused by various 'green claims'.


Some lodges and cabins are operated by the Aboriginal communities in the area and preserves the local aboriginal cultural and heritage of that area and further allows the non-indigenous visitors the opportunity to learn about aboriginal culture.

A number of these Eco lodges are not far from wonderful sightseeing locations like rainforests or in the OUTBACK where scenic BUSHWALKING TRACKS are to be found.

Australian wildlife is a constant feature to most Eco Lodge locations and a walk in the bush or forests, while taking in the smells of the country you can always hear the BIRDLIFE or see our unique animals nearby.

In most cases the Eco operators do follow a code and participate in environmental conservation and rehabilitation programs, recycling, use energy-efficient light globes and many have a literature or relevant books and local information and so on. So they are well worth your attention when selecting you next time away from home!

The experience of staying in a Eco Lodge in Australia is a time you will never forget!



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