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"Are you thinking that you just cannot afford a holiday? Do not Die Wondering!"

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Australian Pubs

Australia just would not be Australia if we there were no Corner Pubs. There is a great Aussie quote: "Man's not a camel ya know" (See the pages on AUSSIE SLANG )

The local corner pub is a great place to stay and there is one on every corner in just about every town or city in Australia.

Staying in this type of simple accommodation you are right in with the locals. The publican in many cases knows just about everyone in town and they have a good knowledge about the area and will direct you to the best tourist attractions.

There is No Magic Trick

You just need to set your mind to it and you will go!

The great part about Australia is that we are a free nation and travelling our land can be trouble free and a wonderful experience. What is more, there is a always a pub or corner hotel close by with the most friendly staff, all ready for a chat and waiting to pull you that first icy cold beer. You will find a pub in just about every town in the country and all of them offering that much you will not want to leave.

Do not hesitate! Book a break today. The perfect way to start your getaway is to jump in the car and go, whether for a weekend or a well deserved extended HOLIDAY . Why not make it a pub crawl. Well as the first pubs only up the street you might consider driving a little way.

Staying in a pub can be a very rewarding experience

You will wake up to a breakfast of just about anything you would ever want in the way of food. Most pubs turn on breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus there's gambling, horse racing, fun bar staff already lined up to tell you a yarn, a publican that knows everything that there is happening in town and who is who. You will never be short on conversation at the pub and you will know all the best sightseeing places to visit.

The good thing about travelling and staying at a local hotel or pub is that the people that live and grew up in or around the town make their own fun. The shops and shopping are different, the person that runs the store normally owns the store. What's more you won't be the only one staying; there are hundreds of people travelling around the country from all walks of life, ages, that come from dozens of different countries.

Many BACK PACKERS have discovered how great it is to stay in an Aussie pub, and they also have many stories to tell.

You'll have just the best time staying in an Aussie pub!



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