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Australia My Land

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Backpacking Accommodation

"There are over 10000 Back Packing properties world wide and
Australia has some of the the most beatiful"

The atmosphere is wonderful, unmistakably friendly and very laid back

Accommodation Back Packing

Why would anyone wish to tramp all over the country staying in back street accommodation?


There are many people that still believe that backpacking accommodation is just that "slummy"


What is true is that there are many people who are trying to see the countries of the world, including Australia, who want to save as much money as they can, so that they can see MORE, so they do save they moeny and work their way around as they travel.

If you have the opportunity to meet, mingle and eat with these people, and you can at any back-packing lodge, they will tell you may stories of their experiences, places and wonders that they have seen which will amaze you.

We are a broad proud land with much to see, touch and enjoy. You will find back packing accommodation in just about every location in Australia - Country town pubs, Beach huts and specially built retreats.

Backpacking Accommodation Australia"Come On Guys, It's Really Great Fun!"

There are people all over the world backpacking and they come from all walks of life, ages and countries. The knowledge that they have gained and will pass onto you while staying in the back-packing hostels is invaluable.

And you will get to share your experiences with other people, you will build friendships with people from all over the world.

Back-packing is just a great way to meet and enjoy the company of others and there is plenty af very good accommodation available.

Backpacking Accommodation Australia"Foot-Loose and Fancy Free, it is For Me!"

Are you aware that there is a new elite group of backpack travellers? A group that is a little older, wiser and wealthier and don't want to rough it! They are looking for more than a dormitory, air - con, private rooms with en-suites, That's for them! and they also wish to save money and see Australia.

Back-Packing hostels are very much catering, not only for the young trade but for the young at heart and even older travellers.

Relax in sun lounges, lie in comfortable hammocks on shaded verandas, smell the food wafting from a Bar-B-Que. All while catching up with the news in the latest international newspapers and magazines.

There is perhaps a small library, music, board games and the internet, just in case you want to check your emails.

Go SIGHTSEEING, BUSHWALKING, SURFING skydiving, shoot the rapids, white water rafting and after you have done all that you can come back to the hammock.

While in Australia be sure to visit some of our capital cities - SYDNEY -   BRISBANE -   PERTH -   MELBOURNE -   DARWIN -   HOBART -   CANBERRA

It Sounds FANTASTIC - Pack your bags guys - LET'S GO!



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