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The Australian Outback

"It's not just the centre of Australia mate! It's everywhere"!

Rugged Mountain Ranges and Spectacular Deserts

 Life in Australia

Most people think of the Outback of Australia as being out in the dry arid middle of the country, others consider in to be just outside the cities limits. The Outback boundaries have never really been clearly defined.

Much of the coastline of Australia adjoins arid plains and rugged mountain ranges. Across creeks and gullies very close to our major CITIES you will find places to explore where the WILDLIFE is plentiful and varied and where you will feel like you are a million miles from anywhere. BUT BE CAREFUL! You can get lost quite easily here too.

Many more people are visiting the Outback every year and most are attracted by the diversity of landscapes, stunning scenery, flood plains and red dust country. You will find dramatic gorges and chasms and be struck by the still starry nights and the quietness of our vast country. You will take the outback into your heart and carry it home with you.

The Australian OutbackThe Outback

There is no where else like it on the earth, the aussie outback offers spectacular wildlife and country, fresh water creeks and billabongs (water holes), gorges and waterfalls.

Watch as the outback country changes and the red earth glows from horizon to horizon. You will meet the friendly locals, that work on the OUTBACK STATIONS outback stations (ranches) and outback homestead.

A few interesting facts about Australia

Australia boasts the longest stretch of a STRIGHT railway track in the world - 487 kilometres (297 mil) that runs across from South Australian on the Nullarbor Plain through Western Australia.

The longest stretch of straight bitumen road, 147 kilometres a world record!

To keep the DINGO'S out, a fence runs for 5531 kilometres South Australia right through New South Wales to Queensland. The world longest fence.

Anna Creek Station is the world's largest working cattle station. It is located in South Australia, Covering an area of some 6000000 acres (24,000 kilometres) or 2; 9,400 sq miles which is bigger than a number of European Countries.

The Australian outback takes up around 70% of the countries landmass and is populated by only 3%. More visitors go to the outback than people that reside there! The outback is often descried as a dry desolate place and some parts are occupied by spiders, snakes and the odd crocodile but it is not as hostile and forbidding as people portray nor is it entirely empty.

You will find small and larger towns, with great PUBS and when you are out in the bush a cold beer goes down well. The towns not all modern but many are and the bitumen roads and highways linking everything together are continually upgraded. The comforts of home can be part of the journey too, you could travel with a 4x4 Wheel drive tour or jump on an air-conditioned COACH.

Come and vacation and tour the outback in Australia. Or enjoy some of the other pleasures on offer we do have everything; long sandy golden clean BEACHES, SURFING, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, 4x4 wheel driving through the outback, sleeping under the gleaming stars in the open air. Meet our unique animals, play in the desert, snow ski the many famous ski runs, visit the islands, you can even mountain climb and go BUSHWALKING.

Australian Outback Wildflowers

For a country that sometimes is thirsty for water it is amazing the number of unique wildflowers to be found in the Australian Outback. In the midst of what looks like a barren landscape any small amount of shade can be the home of a small flower not seen anywhere else.

The Australian Outback has some very unique wildflowers and orchids and are a popular source of photography.




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