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Australian Entertainment

"Australia - Has some of the very best entertainment anywhere."

Entertainment can come in many forms in Australia

Australian Entertainment

Australians are just about into most things, usually willing participants ready to be involved in everything going, however they can be a little lost when there is not much on!

Needless to say the entertainment scene is not one of inactivity. There is something on just about everywhere in Australia every day of the week.

Besides the usual, Casinos, Night clubs, Shows, Australia is a sporting nation, so you have a fabulous selection of sporting events that you are able to participate in, or be a spectator at all year round. Every capital city and major region in Australia offers something a little different in the way of entertainment

Entertainment can come in many forms in Australia. A visit to the zoo to see some of the most unusual AUSSIE ANIMALS, a day at one of the thousands of fantastic Aussie BEACHES, maybe a picnic on one of Australia's many waters ways and there is always a festival of one kind or the other happening.

The Sydney FESTIVAL or the Beer Can Regatta in the Northern Territory, Melbourne has the Moomba festival just to mention a few. And we can't leave out the THEME PARKS and things one can do on the water, ferry rides, floating restaurants, river cruises, eat at wonderful restaurants visit the MARKETS, or just enjoy a coffee at one of the best street cafes

The Australian entertainment scene will not disappoint, you will find many things to do and enjoy in every city, town and state in Australia!

Australian Zoo'sAustralian Zoo's

You are in for a treat! Most people around the globe are aware how different the Australian wild life is; the Kangaroo, Wallaby and Emu just to start with. However our zoos are also at the forefront of preserving endangered species from around the world.

But it is not until you visit an Australian Zoo's or journey in the outback and see these creatures in real life, walk and talk amongst them will you have a true understanding.


The Great Aussie Pub CrawlThe Great Aussie Pub Crawl

An Aussie pub Crawl! Can be a great adventure, a stop here and there a drink at each one a lot of fun! Australian hotels or pubs are in every city and town in the country they have there own history and are great place to catch up.

Stop for a counter lunch, dinner, be entertained, or just enjoy an budget over night stay.


Australian Theme ParksAustralian Theme Parks

Fun and Theme parks are abundant in Australia. You will find theme parks on Outback Adventures, Wet and ride, Fun parks with great rides, Movie parks, Sea creature parks and that only a few.

There are fun parks on harbours and animal parks in the outback.


Australian Bars and ClubsAustralian Bars and Clubs

Even before you step inside Many of the Aussie bars, pubs, night clubs are buzzing! Many of our pubs and hotels have great bars and night clubs as do the sports, recreation and returned serviceman's clubs.

You will find all types of clubs to socialize and make new friends around the country.

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Australian Restaurants CafesAustralian Restaurants and Cafes

What makes Aussie restaurants stand out is the diverse mix of cultures that have introduced all manner of delicacies from the hot chillies dishes from Indonesia, curries from India and sushi from Japan.

There are the tastes of Italy, Spain, Vietnam, Greece, China and many other countries and a unique culinary menu of Australian dishes born from the rural and sea-faring produce of the continent.

To learn more go to the CITIES PAGES and follow the links to the Eating Out Pages

Australian MusicAustralian Music

We have a great taste in music downunder! We 'discovered' ABBA, Billy Joel,The Motels and Billy Idol before everyone else caught on!

And we have some great originals from down under as well; whether you like rock, country, jazz or even classical our song and music writers come up with some pretty original material that has become pretty popular on the world scene.

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Australian SportAustralian Sport

We Aussies are super passionate about our sport and for a small country we have more than our fair share of world class sportsmen and women enjoying success in their fields.

We have the two oldest registered football clubs in the WORLD playing our own brand called Australian Rules Football which appears to have its origins in the Indigenous game of Marn Grook.

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