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Backpacking in Australia

"Some Tips about Back-Packing and Accommodation in Australia Mate!"

Back-Packing around Australia? You are going to have just the best time!

Back Packing in Australia

Have you ever back-packed before? If you have that is great! If not that is good too because all you ever wanted to know about backpacking your way around Australia is listed here. You have so much to look forward to. Even if you are an experienced back-packer you might pick up a trick or two.

Things to Prepare For

When back-pack TRAVELLING, while it can be fun and enjoyable, some people become a little forgetful and not as responsible as they need to be. One must take care to look after their things. Always remain watchful; if your travelling with a friend it is a good idea to place some of your things in their bags and vice-versa. If not, keep a few thing in another bag this ensures if one bag is lost, or heaven forbid is stolen ... Well you get the idea.

Backpacking DocumentsDocument Security

Take copies of your PASSPORT, credit card and other relevant documents, prescriptions etc and scan and then e-Mail them to your-self and of course save the e-Mail. Then if you ever require a copy while in Australia, you simply go to an internet cafe and download it. Trust no-one with your documents and keep them with you at all times. Keep a copy of those ones that you can.

Some people have neck bags that are worn under clothing and carry important things like, medication, money, traveller's checks, and travel documents it that. Not a bad idea!

Back-Packing is a much laid back way of moving around so wearing expensive jewellery is not a good idea and there are many that will carry expensive camera gear. I must say a small good quality digital camera will do the trick on this type of HOLIDAY and less conspicuous.

Secure your luggage with a good lock and keep two keys, place one in your shoe and the other somewhere else. This is very important, ALWAYS PACK YOUR OWN LUGGAGE AND LOCK IT SECURELY.

Backpacking Australia Security While TravellingSecurity While Travelling

When you are TRAVELLING ensure you have a leg or arm through a handle of the bag you are carrying, especially when you are tired. I had a friend who fell asleep on a train and when she woke, everything was gone, tickets, cash, bag and clothes, nothing left!

"Do not end up broken-hearted"

The experienced back-packer knows to travel light unless of course you have an Aussie base where you can leave things and send for them as your need arises.

As you move around you will collect luggage tags, make sure you remove them. Including your carry-on luggage and ensure ALL your luggage has your name and some contact detail on them.

I do not recommend your address, but maybe your home suburb, your phone number - YES.

Baggage handlers can become confused with old tags and it is not their job to take them off.


Well you MUST be just about ready to go so, go on, GET OUT THERE; come down and have some fun and see what the place has to offer!

Backpacking is a great way to work your way around and see the country. Or you might enjoy a SNOW SKIING, SURFING or HIKING holiday. Wherever you go there will be good BACKPACKING ACCOMMODATION nearby, but to be sure always book in advance as, particularly at certain times of the year, popular places can fill up quickly.

Get insuranceGet Insurance!

Because it can be essential for your wellbeing and in most cases it is not that expensive and it could save you thousands. Seriously, consider taking travel insurance on the main components of your holiday. Health or medical are important, then cover for personal property and luggage, plus cancellation insurance.

Back-packing can lead you into all wonder of unplanned adventurous and different things to do. You will meet up with others that will entice you, you have heard it all before, "come on, come on, let's do it!" Before you know it you are bungee jumping or you find yourself riding a motor-cycle chasing cattle or off BUSHWALKING Sounds good!

May be your selected insurance company has an annual multi-trip type insurance style policy that you could take out, especially if you plan on being away for some time.

Remember some nationalities are able to obtain free essential healthcare in Australia, this still DOES NOT cover ambulance or dental treatment.

If you find yourself in need of these services and do not have insurance you can call the state dental hospital where you may be able to obtain treatment from a dental STUDENT. Sometimes for free or for a small cost. GOOD LUCK!

It is worth taking a look at the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT MEDICARE to see if you are eligible.

When you go to this site click on "YOUR HEALTH" then go to "GOING OVERSEAS" and you will see "Health Care for Visitors to Australia", click on the link the information you will need.

Otherwise here is the direct link:-


Should your country NOT be on the list you can still take out private health insurance with one of the following local companies.

NIB     MBF      HBA.

Contact your Home Family"Hi mom, I've made it to Australia"

When your away your loved ones are thinking of you and while you are in Australia theirs is every reason to stay in touch.

Sure you can bring your cell phone, just call your service provider and set it up, or when you arrive buy a prepaid card for your phone.

No cell no worries! Telephone calling from Australia is not inexpensive. The best place to find a pay phone is at a Post office. You will need to purchase a phone card as most pay phones DO NOT except coins, you can buy them from any where.

You will need the international dialling code to phone overseas, you can pick them from the WHITE PAGES TELEPHONE directories.


If you have that's terrific if not, that can be a worry. You just have to have a email address when travelling, there are NO IF's OR BUTS. For those WITHOUT an email address; Before you do anything else, DO THIS..

Set up a free, Yep! FREE email service, there are a number on offer, hotmail.com or yahoo.com are both popular.

Internet access is available all over Australia, either from your hostel, from an internet cafe. Hey! many library's have terminals and there usually free.

Otherwise costs vary, but it won't break the bank. Could be worth taking a look at this site;


Mail Australia PostUse Snail Mail - it STILL Works!

They say writing a letter is a little behind the times and that could be true for some writers, however when you receive a hand written letter it has a very nice feel to it and you read it a little differently, I guess that's because you can almost feel the person that wrote it.

Now it's written how do we send it? Buy a stamp from any post office or newsagency, and every town has both.

Who the heck back packs?

Why would you need to tramp all over the country struggling to get anywhere, hitch- hiking and walking with only a couple of bucks in your pocket?

Hey! That's a really good question!

Backpacking can be just like that and there are many people that move from place to place, scratching and working their way about, but guess what, most of them will tell you they are having a great time and have seen, been to places and experienced things that many of us will never see in a life time.

Backpacking HostelThere are People from ALL Walks of Life, Ages and Backgrounds Back-Packing

There are People from ALL Walks of Life, Ages and Backgrounds Back-Packing.

Did you know there is a new elite group of backpack travellers?

"Yes", this group are a little older, wiser and wealthier and I can tell you, these people are NOT wishing to rough it.

So there's hope for you yet!

There are many people that still think that backpacking is a slummy way to travel, and that is just not so! Do you know there are over 10,000-plus Back-Packing Hostels around the world? Guess what!

They still may have some of the dormitory beds, but now many hostels have private rooms, and some with ensuites, rather than a communal W.C. down the hall. They have air-conditioning and television, internet café and some accommodation has swimming pools and much more and all from as low as $30 a night.

Backpacking HostelLuxury you CAN Afford

Back packing hostels are catering to not only the young trade but very much now for that new and very much growing trade - older and discerning travellers. Guys!

Well you MUST be just about ready to go so, go on, GET OUT THERE; come down and have some fun and see what the place has to offer!



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