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"Owyagoin Mate"

Australians are some of the friendliest people in the world

Australian's at work and play

We are also one of the youngest island nations; our modern history only began 230 years ago. In that time we have grown and invited people from many countries around the world to come and join us, live in AUSTRALIA and become Aussies.

The fun part of being an Aussie is you can be yourself, live your life the way you want, retain your beliefs, wear what you wish and go where you like. As we have freedom of speech in Australia we can almost say anything we like. Our language is English with a touch of slang, well maybe a lot of slang because Aussies have a lot of fun with the words we use, our welcomes, for instance "Owyagoin" or "Gday mate", are known around the world.

While Australians are predominantly Christians we have, not just some religions, we have them all. Australians are a free people and we Aussies are proud to be able to live in harmony with others.
We will always remain a free people.

Aussies are renowned for our very friendly natures and famous for our generosity and our humour. I know it's hard to believe but we are the only people in the world that speak without an accent?

Aussies love SPORT of any kind; in fact for a country with a small population of just over 20 million people, Aussies are up there with the best. We are a people of high achievers as you name the sport and you will find that Australians are involved and have won most of its major events world wide.

Aussies are tough, resilient and vibrant and we love our land (We sound great don't we!) Well we are!! We are hard workers and high achievers and enjoy the company of our fellow man.

You are welcome to come visit us any time, enjoy our way of life, have one of our famous AUSSIE MEAT PIEES , a glass of our world famous WINE, pet a KANGAROO, eat a WTCHITY GRUB over an open fire with group of our NATIVE AUSSIE.

Read more about the of the land and the lessons we can learn from them. They helped give us the great game of AUSSIE RULES FOOTBALL, partly based on their game Marn Grook and they are some of the best exponents of the game at the highest level today.

There are pages about the who keep Australia supplied with all the goods we need from one end of this huge land to the other. Many literaly drive right across from east to west and from south to north as they keep our supply routes busy.

Senior Australians have fun too check out the By the way congratulations to all those people who have survived and made it to the over 50's. Its not an easy task growing into adulthood, parenting and social changes in genera. So well done! The apprenticeship finished its time to reap the rewards. You may like to visit ABOUT OVER 50.com and see what other Australians are doing.

About Over 50

Come on, grab your sheila (girl friend) or mate and stay for a while and enjoy our company we will show you a great time.

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