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Australian Art Including Aboriginal Art

"The Red Dust and the Blue Sky - Inspiring"

The Australian Life and Land Captured on Canvas and other Unique Materials

Australian Art

With a variety of cultures from all over the world merging into a unique society, blended with a vast and ever-changing landscape, Australia is always going to a haven and inspiration for the artist, whether they be painter, musician, photographer or other.

Aboriginals have long had their Dreamtime Legends, wonderful stories that are passed on from generation to generation about how the world began and of real and mythological events that shaped the moral standards that were so strong in indigenous societies. You will find their works of art scattered on rock faces and caves all over Australia telling some of these stories.

Aboriginal art is now fast becoming very popular and you are able to buy or commission works completed on tree bark to canvass. They also add their art to tools and musical instruments like the boomerang and didgeridoos, works that blend with the colours of Australia.

Australia has much to offer the artist of today, regardless to your passion or the type of art you enjoy, the landscape of this nation has something to offer every artist. CITIES that come in all shapes and sizes, wonderful BEACHES, desserts, rainforests, MOUNTIANS, Australia's unique ANIMALS and of course the PEOPLE themselves.

Nelson Salesi - Fijian Artist


Central Coast - NSW

Prominent indigenous artist of Fijian Masi


There are some wonderful galleries in Australia that display and sell works of art and these can be found in little country towns displaying the work of local srtists' or the larger commercial and Community galleries in the larger cities. Local restaurants and scenic sightseeing destinations are also a popular venue for displaying works of art and are often used for exhibitions by local artists.

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