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Arriving in Australia

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Arriving in Australia

Travelling around the world is so much easier these days. More and more people are travelling and moving around the globe, even when times are tough. A number of people that have been frugal and others that only travel when fares are cheap and there are bargains to be had. As the world seems to get smaller with the modern modes of transportation, becoming faster and more comfortable, getting to Australia is as easy as it comes.

While Australia is below that imaginary line called the equator (I guess that's why they call us the land down under) it is not a line drawn in the sand to stop people from coming! Australian is a magnificent place with much to see and do. We want you to come, shake your hand, say "gooday mate" and get you to stay a while.

DECISIONS, DECISIONS, DECISIONS! "Will I go to Australia just for a relaxing holiday? Maybe I could go and see the country on a guided tour or can I stay a while and work in Australia and Backpack around the country - that would be fun!"

Regardless of the decision some regulations need to be followed BEFORE you leave home.

On these pages you will find links that will help by putting you in touch with the proper Australian authorities, then you will be able to bring what you need to legally remain here and have a great time.

The Proper Documents

PassPort ClipPassports and Visas

In most cases you will need a valid passport and visa or an ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) in order to enter into Australia.

To check for eligibly on Australian Travel Visas and Passports go to the

- and for an ETA go to the

Start by contacting your nearest Australian embassy or consulate to find out what visas you will need.

You can apply electronically by going online to the ETA mentioned above or ask a travel agent to arrange one for you. ETA is free and it allows you stay in Australia for up to three months, and is valid for multiple travels for one year.

Tourist and Working Visas

these are free and valid for three months and can usually remain valid for 12 months. It should be noted that you must be no younger than 18 or older than 30 years to work in Australia. If you intend on staying longer or continue to come back to Australia you will need to apply for an extension, make sure you apply well before the current visa expires.

If you intend on doing a little work or studying you will need to apply for a visa that allows for that. You CAN NOT work in Australia without the correct visa. Australian employers require a tax file number from you just to give you a start. Student Visas can allow you to work part time. A working type Visa allows you to work for a maximum of twelve months, but you can only remain in any one position for three months.

What to packWhat to pack - What NOT To Pack!

"Getting excited, We would hope so"

Firstly if you are flying, check you bag limits and weight, as a rule of thumb, two bags up to a maximum of 20 Kgs. You are also allowed some hand luggage which can be an overnight style case or bag usually less than 5 kgs. Check with the NEW RULES about hand luggage and security with the airline before leaving. Most of the airline rest rooms carry toothbrushes, soap etc, but you might like to throw in a few small things to freshen up with, BUT leave out anything sharp.

Long flights can knock you about! It is a good idea to carry on a pullover or jacket, for on long hauls (journeys) these will come in handy.

Ear plugs are good as are mild sleeping pills and soft shoes. If you can check in online take a look at the seating and pick a seat you will be comfortable in. Some airlines are now charging for seat selection.

We know mum said to fold your clothes neatly, but we are going to suggest you ROLL them as they take up less room and there are actually less wrinkles!

Australian Airport CustomsAustralian Airport Customs

Check everything including carry-on luggage. If you have a stop-over on the way and decide to buy a few things remember to declare what you need to on arrival. DON'T take any food of the plane to eat later. Do not spoil your visit.

Be prepared as Custom inspection arrival lines in Australia can take some time to move through.

If you have queries, you are able to check what you can and can not bring into Australia at AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS

Weather in AustraliaThe Weather in Australia

The weather changes from state to state so there is the need for a little homework about Australia before you start packing.

Start here by checking out our WEATHER PAGES

You will find that the southern states are cooler than the Northern, and our seasons are opposite months to the Northern Hemisphere as well. Although predominately a dry country we also have wet seasons that can create floods, so pack a spray jacket and something to keep you warm.

Carrying Money in Australia

Most people will carry Aussie cash as well as some cash from home, travellers cheques and a credit card. Please, when travelling keep them all separate, then if one is lost you have the other.

For more Frequently Asked Questions about MONEY AND SHOPPING IN AUSTRALIA

Working in AustraliaWorking in Australia

Overseas guests are always welcome and you can obtain work in many fields. Fruit picking in season is popular and many of the back-packer hostels have associations with the local area farmers. Keep an eye on the notice boards or ask the staff. It is hard work but you can pick up good bucks. You can always call into the local government employment office and read the notice boards. WORK IN AUSTRALIA

You can buy a membership with WWOOFING before you leave home, it is not that expensive and they place you in touch with their members - they have 1300 listed host farms. It is a world wide organisation for Organic Farming and well worth a look:-
     WWOOF International

If you have bar or table service experience, the resort hotels and cafes throughout Australia are often looking for casual staff.
what are you like on the phone? Canvassing skills are always needed, if you do not mind talking on the phone, call centres will take you on and they pay OK. Look them up in the "Yellows" -
    YELLOW PAGES Directory

Guys and Girls with SkillsGuys and Girls with Skills

Work for trades people seems to be always readily available, and computer technicians and electricians can pull work reasonably easily. Hey, if you are over 30 and wish to work you will have a better chance with your visa application if you have a trade, do not be afraid to ask, the word is if you are a bit over age and you ask nicely you could be OK.

There are also a number of internet sites offering jobs throughout the world, TNT is one and they have lists of recruitment agencies online.

Now how fit are you? Can you wind-surf, ride a surfboard, bungee jump, licensed scuba diver? Have you been a surf-lifesaver, what about the snow sports?

The resorts around Australia are often looking for instructors or people who are able to protect others from injury. Australia has some of the HOMESTEADS largest properties in the world and these are often looking for people to work as Jillaroos or Jackaroos. Can you ride a HORSE? There are a number of rodeos happening as well as travelling shows; all looking for workers.

In many cases if you ask there will be work.

There are also a number of work related websites worth a look while you are planning your trip.


Health GuideHealth Guide

On Arrival into Australia it is a great idea to get hold of a Medicare Card; these are obtainable from a Medicare centre.

You will need to show your passport and your National Health documents, so be sure to bring them with you. That is if your country has an arrangement with ours.

This allows you to visit the public hospitals. BUT travelling in an ambulance or visiting a general practitioner (doctor) or dentist for treatment will have a minimal cost.

You can always pick up health insurance from one of the private institutions like


Australia has no real disease problems, but we do have crocodiles, snakes, spiders and other toxic wildlife. So if you are staying a while graba free Medicare Card.

Taking medication? Remember to take adequate amounts with you and bring prescriptions, plus a letter from your doctor stating why you require that medication.

Come Prepared Because We Want You to Enjoy Your Stay With Us!

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