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Australia My Land is an online "glossy magazine" with information helpful to people coming to visit us from all over the world and to help Aussies get to know a little more about the country they live in.

Like any media it can also be a great source for businesses to have Targeted Promotions relating to a subject and/or a locality.

We are looking for 'volunteers' who may be able to help us add to the informative nature of the website as well as promote the advertising to local businesses and earn a few dollars from it.

What is Involved

STEP 1: Help Us Build the Pages about Your Town or Region

Any person who is able to get out and about even just a little, or use the phone, can help us add a section on their town or region with information text and photos.

You do not have to be a great writer; or you may be! Nevertheless within the AML Team we have a qualified editor who can 'proof' the content of your work, if need be. Even if you simply jot down some main points about your region that would be of interest from a Tourism or Business veiwpoint we can research the topic and write the content for the web page.

We can add your name to the page as the contributor to AML if you wish.


STEP 2: Tell Local Businesses About the Website and the Targeted Promotions

The most likely businesses interested in our services are those with a website or SHOULD have a website and are interested in having one; even just a one page promotional page, which AML-AM can supply for them FREE!


The Targeted Promotions advertising a business is not just about attracting people to their website from the advertisement; it is actually more about attracting Google and other Search Engines to their website and having them list that website higher in searches.

What to do next!

All an Associate promoting AML needs to do is explain:

• the websites: SEE THE CATALOGUE

• the main purpose of Promotions on the website; SEO Backlinks and 'link juice'

• the high listing that the Australia My Land website already has achieved with Google

We can provide you with a "Media Pack" with data to support your 'sales pitch' and provide training and support for your efforts.

And the very cheap Targeted Promotion will 'sell itself'.

It is important though to highlight that the promotions are not "advertising" in the regular sense - it is SEO support for their business website which is much more important for them in the long run. They will still bring a number of visitors directly to their websites however as any advertisement should.

To be involved email us at enquiries@australiamyland.com.au or go to the CONTACT PAGE




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