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Weather in Australia

"Its fantastic downunder! I'm tellenya you couldn't find a better place to holidee!"

What Is the weather like in Australia?

Changing Australia Weather

The Australian summer begins in December and runs through to the end of February and our hottest summer months are January and February.

The Seasons in Australia are all most opposite of those in Europe. So guys when you are feeling the cold and need a break do not forget you can come 'downunder' to Australia.

Australia is a very large land with six states and two territories. See the LOCALITY GUIDE Our climate varies greatly throughout the country from CITY to city, town to town. The climates range from cooler snow fields in the south to the tropical rain forest areas of the north.

The Australian Thermomotor

Queensland, Capital city BRISBANE Western Australia, Capital city PERTH Northern Territory, Capital city DARWIN and New South Wales, Capital city SYDNEY have the hotter summers and the winters can be mild to warm.

The ACT, Capital city CANBERRA The Australian Capital Territory, temperatures can be very hot in summer and the reverse in winter, very cold. Victoria, Capital city MELBOURNE South Australia, Capital city ADELAIDE and Tasmania, Capital city HOBART can experience cooler, chilly winters and short days.

It has often been said about Melbourne that you can experience all the seasons in one day.

The majority of the centre of Australia is desert;it is mostly unpopulated and can be extremely dry and hot during the day and can be unbelievably cold at night.

When TRAVELING Australia one must check all the weather conditions especially in the northern states because there are more or less just two types of seasons, very dry from late April to October, then very tropically wet, with downfalls of rain and flooding rivers through December and on till March, know as "the wet season".

Slip - Slop - Slap! This slogan was developed some years ago to remind Australians and their overseas guests that our summers can be very hot, and while it is BEACH weather, the sun can BURN and BURN SEVERELY.

SLIP - Slip on a shirt; SLOP - Slop on some sun screen and SLAP - Slap on a hat!

"It is a great slogan and one worth remembering"

Nevertheless Australia is a great place to holiday and we want you to visit, however we also want you to go home safe, especially in the summer months.

From the Arid Outback to the Snowy Mountains - Australia - A great place to visit and enjoy
Typical Australian Weather



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