Australian Theatre: Shows and Plays

"Aussies Love Putting on a Show and Acting"

Australia Has A Long History in the Theatre and World Stages

Australian Theatre Shows and Plays

In its developing history, Australia was one of a number of British colonies in which the theatre was generally linked to culture of English literature and thius to its theatre. Australian literature and theatrical artists, especially its poetry and stage plays have, since around 1790, introduced the culture of Australia and the character of a new continent to the world stage. It evolved from the British, Irish and Scottish ancestry as well as the Indigenous Aboriginal culture that to the white performer was a fascinating and diverse art.

The number of artists, performers, producers and writers who have contributed to the Australian theatre are too numerous to mention, many of whom have also been recognised on the world stage, including Sir Robert Helpmann (ballet), Dame Joan Sutherland (opera), the performing artist Barry Humphries and playwright David Williamson. Others are noted performers and directors such as Cate Blanchett, Geoffrey Rush, Judy Davis, Hugh Jackman and Peter Allen.


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