Darwin Beaches

Australia's Tropical Capital at the Top End

Darwin Beaches, Swimming Pools and Natural Pools

Darwin Beaches

Darwin, the 'TOP END' where swimming pools, beaches, waterfalls and billabongs (rock pools) are super popular all year round, with temperatures reaching around and above 30C you would want to be COOL in more way then one.

Unlike many of the other states the water holes in the northern Territory, while they are popular for humans, they can also be popular with the local crocodiles and box jellyfish, both of which by the way, have bites and stings that can be fatal. So before you take a running jump into some enticing cool water, open your eyes and check that it is safe to do so. Read the signs!

Darwin's Public Swimming Pools are very popular and they are open all year round and are normally open seven days a week, except on Good Friday and Christmas Day, however sometimes the hours do vary with the slight changing of the seasons.

The City Council manages and maintains three excellent swimming pools located at Parap, Nightcliff and Casuarina. The pools can all be reached by public transport and there are other billabongs or bush swimming pools and waterfalls within a few hours drive of Darwin. Pick up a tour and guide in Darwin City and enjoy a swim in a beautiful bush setting making the dip more than worthwhile.

Darwin has plenty of beaches but you would be very wise to keep out of the water during the wet season November to May every year because of the deadly box jellyfish. Some of the most popular beaches are Mindil and Vestey's. In north Darwin there is a stinger net in place there protecting part of Nightcliff Beach. Casuarina Beach is a little further east.

Darwin's Mindil Beach has a popular market with people arriving there after 5pm Thursday and Sunday nights, but that only during the dry season. It must be said it is a lot of fun, you will need to bring your own tables and chairs or picnic rug, everyone sits around waiting for the often red and golden sunset. The foods is turned on and all you need do is decide which of the flavours to try.

The food-stall aromas that travel through the air will get you in. Indian, Chinese, Sri Lankan, Thai, Malaysian, Greek and Portuguese meals and snacks are all available. Dessert? Sure take your pick from the cake stalls or fruit-salad bars, There is other stuff too, craft stalls, and sometimes the entertainment is turn on, band or street theatre. A nice way to spend an afternoon at the beach.

Off the Beaten Track Howard Springs is an interesting place to visit, a crocodile-free swimming hole, WOW! Croc, Free!!

And it is a very pleasant spot, surrounded by greenery and forest. A little out of town, around 35K from the city. You should get there early becase the crowds do build up, but it makes a great break from the heat. There are walking tracks with plenty of bird life. Take the children because besides the swim and the walks you will find all sorts of fish and turtles, and tame wallabies just graze around the springs, like you are not there.

But that's Darwin, you must come! As they say on the brochure "If you never go you will never know"

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