Brisbane Beaches

Brisbane; a Tropical City where the Weather is Always Mild

Brisbane Beaches and Swimming Pools

Brisbane Beaches and Swimming Pools

300 PLUS warm sunny days a year are more than most places in Australia and more daylight than it can cater with now, therefore the dress code for most Queenslanders is very informal; when relaxing most people wears shorts and t-shirts and sandals or thongs. It must be said though, that reasonable dress standards are maintained in most restaurants, hotels and bars, however everyone's ready for the beach, Yeah!

Lightweight clothing is suitable all year round; however you should bring a jumper, jacket or something warm to slip on, as the Brisbane temperature drops a little at night during winter, that is, June, July and August. And it is really essential to have adequate protection from the sun; Queensland beaches are wonderful places to socialize and meet people, but it is recommended that you get into the spirit of things and wear a broad-brimmed hat, SPF 30+ sunscreen, sunglasses to look cool and a long cotton sleeved shirt with a collar, so you can turn it up, both to look great and protect your neck from the sun.

There are no beaches in Brisbane itself but just a short drive across to Sandgate and up to Red Cliffe and Scarborough eninsula you will find the most glorious little comfortable beaches, quiet and great for the family day out. You do need to travel just a little bit to get to a surf beach with Bribie Island and the Gold Coast the closest.

Nevertheless, not to be daunted the Brisbane people decided to build a beach. Amazing but true! You still need the sun screen and hat and, yes there is sand and enough water to fill five Olympic size swimming pools. This in Brisbane beach, water hole, billabong, it is enormous, very safe and easy to get to. Tonnes of sand create the beach-like feel and the kids love to dig in it or jump off the rocks and paddle in the small streams. It even has life savers - yes - it is a patrolled beach and all this with views of the city and the Brisbane River.

Where is it? It is Southbank. After the enormously successful Expo '88 the whole Southbank precinct was changed dramatically into a great entertainment venue, including its own beach.

Brisbane makes up for the lack of beaches with a number of public swimming pools. No matter whether you want to just cool off, swim a few laps, join in on an aqua aerobics class or squad, or maybe enrol the kids in swimming lessons, there is a place for you to get wet and cool off. You will find pools for the serious athletes and pools just for paddling and some are HEATED - how "cool" is that. And they are all open all year round. No wonder Brisbane is now producing some of the worlds finest swimmers, right here in our own suburban swimming pools!

Brisbane City Council operates 17 pools across the city. All pools have change rooms with hot and cold showers and shops or kiosks where you can grab a snack or drinks and the usual swimming accessories.

Its a great place for the beach or a swimming pool all year round in Brisbane! Come and enjoy it for yourself!

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