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A Small Plane Journey Can Be The Most Exhilarating Awesome Experience!

Now here is a great way to go sightseeing in Australia

Scenic Flight In Australia

Scooting along sometimes only 200 meters from the ground. Feel the exhilaration and the excitement!

There are a great number of small aeroplane operators thought out Australia. You able to source most of the businesses in just about any CITY or country airport. You can even board a seaplane aircraft and take off from on SYDNEY Harbour, Imagine that, what a fantastic experience! Then there is the GOLD COAST , the Whit Sunday Islands, the Great Barrier Reef and still more The Bungle, Bungle ranges.

How about a trip in a bi-plane like a Tiger Moth, WOW! Feel the wind gusting all around you, just try and sit back and relax, and you'll find it impossible!

You will see SIGHTS, like you have never seen them before, experienced pilots with show you the Australian WILDLIFE, like the WILD HORSES, the Brumbies and KANGAROOS

You'll fly over the deep blue waters of the Great Barrier Reefs Heritage Marine and NATIONAL Parks to the OUTBACK You will see Some of the largest and most remote HOMESTEADS (Stations/ Ranches) set on Millions of areas. See Kimberley's, Katherine gorge, the Bungle, Bungle Mountains, all from the air with closeness you will want to experience again and again. The shear beauty of the outback will astound you.

You'll glide you through the clouds, and drop down to travel along fantastic coast linesand see the most beautiful populated and deserted BEACHES . You will be taken over mountain ranges, rain forests, waterfalls and deserts. You might even follow one on the longest RAIL LINES on earth. Even if you are the most experienced Aussie traveller you will have never see the country like you will from the air.

Ever what to fly in a Second World War plane, hear the engine bust into life and settle back in the seat and get ready for that exhilarating take off, not to mention the thrill of the turns and the dives with the sun behind you, the ultimate buzz of actually.

Australians and over sea guests all agree a small plane sight seeing journey anywhere in Australia can be the most rewarding experience to take home.

All of the Australia small plane operators will tell your there tours are the best and they would all be right, "they are all the best" and your choice is vast, if you have ever wanted to, or dreamed of the experiencing the thrill of aerobatics offering a totally unique, adrenalin-pumping experience, or simply the sheer romance of a gently soaring with the birds this is defiantly the way to go!

It Really Is Awesome!

Take your camera to take once in a lifetime photographs, experience and interact with the ride, hear the roar of the engine, feel the wind blowing all around you as you fly over the SIGHTS, it's a whole new perspective and another Aussie journey that's hard to beat! Unlike other journeys around Australia you can do this again and again.

Visitors and Australian alike have the opportunity to come and share with us the great beauty of our water ways and country, experience the diverse cultures. We want you to see the dramatic landscapes and the remote coastlines. Give you the opportunity to explore pristine islands, reefs and atolls. Then take all your memories home and tell others about what you have seen and entice them to come back with you to visit us once again.

"No one can really explain the thrill you experience in
a small plane, you have to feel it for yourself"



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