Rivers and Wetlands Tours and Excursions

"Cruising Our Rivers is an Exciting Way to See Much of Our Fascinating Country"

Escape the Crowds and take an Inland River Cruise

Aussie River tours

Discover the Spectacular Beauty of the Unique Australian Waterways

Travel with a small FRIENDLY group, escape the crowds CITIES and be taken on a River Cruise to discover the spectacular beauty of the Australian country and its water-life, waterfalls and pristine lagoons and Marine and NATIONAL parks.

The Murray River is one of Australia's legendary rivers. It is one of the longest river systems in the world. Not unlike the Mississippi, the Nile or the Amazon, it is a massive 3700 kilometres. As you cruise along you will see some of the most rugged and spectacular landscapes and abundant WILDLIFE and BIRDLIFE.

The Murray has a lot to offer and well worth your inspection

For those of you that are CARAVANING or BACKPAKING you have a wonderful opportunity to park the van or camper and jump on a floating vessel and cruse one of Australia's rivers.

Day Cruises give you the opportunity to explore the wilderness and the uninhabited islands and secluded bays. Jump into the boom net and ride the wake of the boat in the warm sunny waters. Canoe and SIGHT SEE the unspoilt foreshores, a BUSHWLK might be on offer? or maybe you might just go snorkeling and swim in the sheltered blue waters. Party with your new friends on the Sunset Champagne - Dinner Cruise.

"You Will Have a Great Time! SELECT A CRUISE AND GO!"

"WE HAVE SAID IT BEFORE" - We Aussies know how to show you a good time, and cruising the rivers in Australia is a great experience. The SIGHTS you will see will amaze you.

The memories you will take home will last forever. We know you will want to come back, everybody does!



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