Australian Four Wheel Drive (4x4) Tours

"No dinner suit or ball gown required for this holiday!"

Explore the Australian Outback take the four wheel drive experence!

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Get ready for the time of your life: Rugged - Beautiful - Magical - Adventurous

Four wheel drive tour operators are people who have lived in OUTBACK of Australia and
find it difficult to describe its beauty.

The four wheel drive experience can take you to wonderful, obscure places, to waterfalls, crystal clean billabongs. 4 Wheel Drive across the desert tracks and creeks. You will see the vastness and quiet of the red sand desert, find unusuall WILD FLOWERS .Sleep under the start filled night sky. You will meet water buffalo and our very special marsupials, KANGAROOS - WOMBATS and KOALS in their natural state, face to face.

Meet the local INDIGENOUS PEOPLES (that is if you can find them) and appreciate their isolation and their way of life. They will guide and introduce you to a new world. Boil the billy for hot black cup of tea, bake a DAMPER damper, sit by an open camp fire and just enjoy the quite times.

It is becoming harder to experience the Australian Outback as there are many new laws and restrictions relating to bush fire issues, property gates to open and close, obtaining permission to enter particular places, where you can take your 4x4, what rivers and billabongs you can swim in safely - we do not want you gobbled up by a crock - and the list goes on. You will have an opportunity to visit some of the OUTBACK STATIONS and when you are in the NATIONAL PARKS care should be taken to ensure the parks REMAIN as you found them!

Photo from Tag Along tours

Photo courtesy of Tag Along Tours

There is no better way to see and travel the Australian Outback than with a well experienced 4x4 off road tour operator. They have the passion to take there off road 4 wheel drive vehicles to places you will never see again in a life time, they understand the country and they know where they can go and cannot go at with or without a 4 wheel drive at any particular time of the year.
Happy four wheel driving

There is a lot to see 4 wheel driving in the Australian Outback, in the mountains and along the rugged Coastlines.



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