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Aussie Slang: U - Z


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Up oneself :-

I recon I'm one of the best drinkers outa you lot, I can drinks twice as many schooners and still be stand'en, piss off Tommy you're rally up ya self some times!

Translation: - I believe I am the very best drinker amongst us; I am able to consume twice as many large glasses of beer and still remain standing. Thomas you do have a high opinion of yourself some times.

Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike or tits on a bull: -

Remember that old Ute Tommy had some time back well John and Margy have got it now, I saw him loading up down the road, when he drove off the front wheel feel off it! About as usefull as tits on a bull mate, fancy buy'en that bloody thing!

Translation: -

Remember the old car Thomas had a while ago? I saw John and Margret have it now, they were loading it up, but when they drove off the front wheel fell off. You might as well not have a car as have that one its usless.

Ute: -

I see John and Margy sold that old Ute again I wonder who'll get it next?

Translation: - I noticed the John and Margret sold that utility vehicle, pickup truck agin I wonder who might buy it next?

Vedgies: -

Hey when you cook tea tonight luv can I have a few vedgies on the plate sweety!

Translation: - Excuse me when you prepair dinner this evening my dear my I have some vegetables on the plate please my love.

Waggin' school: -

Billy's kids have been waggin school again I saw both of them play'en the pin ball down the shops again, there go's the tucker shop money.

Translation: - William's children are playing truant again I noticed both of them playing the electronic games machines at the store, that money was to pay for there lunch at the school shop.

Whacker: -

All of us were at the shops, when this bunch of whackers came skating by, knock'en people over , one lady scraped her knockers on the ground. The shopping centre coppers that were after them had 'em worried!

Translation: - A group of us were at the shopping centre, when an other group of fools, idiots came skating by knocking people over as they went, one women scraped her breast on the ground. The shopping centre police seem to have the matter in hand.

Whiteant: -

Remember when Ben scored that really good sparky contract, well they tell me even after he got Tommy was try'en to white ant him, he missed out just the same Jodie made sure of that!

Translation: - Remember when Ben won that large electrical contract, well it got back to me that Thomas was still criticising and trying to win it back. Thomas lossed in the end Bens wife Jodie made very sure of that..

Wobbly boot: -

Tommy took his misses to the RSL at Bondi for dinner and a few beers, when they left tommy told me they both had the wobby boot on.

Translation: - Thomas took his wife to the Bondi RSL club for dinner and a few drinks, when it was time to leave they both were a little drunk.

Wombat: -

A true Aussie the wombat a round hairy dog shaped animal that eats root and leaves. Some time Aussie blokes are just the same.

Translation: - Sexual connotations apply here!

Wowser: -

Hey guys were all go'en bungee jump'en all the sheilas are coming it'al be a great day, Billy said, shit, for get it, I'm not going ta jump off a bridge with my legs tied up with a bit of rubber, You're a bloody wowser Billy!

Translation: - Hello boys, we are all going to go bungee jumping, all the girls are coming to. William said! Not me forget that, I am not going to jump off a bridge with my legs tied up with elastic.

Yabber: -

I am listening to you prattle on Billy, I can't remember you ever yabbering on this much mate. Shut up will ya mate!

Translation: - I am listening intently to you're chatting William, I must say I really can't remember you talking this much my friend, you really need to be quite

Yakka: -

Well that was hard yakka mate, I really had a sweat up swinging that hammer!

Translation: - Well I feel we worked very hard my friend, I was perspiring a great deal while I was swing the hammer.

Yewy: -

Not that way Tommy cricky you've gone right past the turn off, so a Yewy quick mate.

Translation: - Don't go that way Thomas golly you have gone well past the turn off, you will need to turn around and go back.

Yobbo: -

Look at that bloke gollying on the ground what a yubbo, I'm glad he doesn't live around our way!

Translation: - Look at that man spitting on the ground, what a uncouth person, I am very glad he not from where we live.

Zack: -

Any boy got a zack I'm short and I don't wana break another note just for a zack!

Translation: - Has any one a five cent piece, I am a little short and I prefer not to cash another dollar.

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