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Aussie Slang: R - T


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Rack off: -

I was down at Woolies taday and this bloke pulled in front of me try’en to pinch me park’en spot, so I called him everything! In the end I told him to RACK OFF.

Translation: - I drove down to Woolworths today and this man drove his car in front off mine trying to obtain a parking spot I already had, so some name calling started get lost! push off! get out of here! Piss off mate! And ended with rack off !

Rapt: -

I can’t believe me luck mate I’m rapted!

Translation: - I am unable to understand my luck I am delighted.


I have meet heaps of people at the club this year mate and only one ratbag and that has to be you mate!

Translation: - In the past twelve months I meet many people at sports club my friend but non as silly as you my friend.

Raw prawn: -

Tommy told me that Billy was poof! Ah, bull shit he married to Lizzy, It’s true, don’t come the raw prawn with me mate it not true!

Translation: - Thomas told me that William was a homosexual, I said that was rubbish and he should not be so disagreeable.


Did you know Billy use ta race at the dirt track speed way, I recon it could be right!

Translation: - Are you aware that William once raced on the dirt track speed way, absolutely!

Rellie or relo: -

Lizzy’s got the all relos come’en over to her place on Sunday, Billy said he’s go’en to piss off for the day.

Translation: - Elizabeth has invited all the family relations over to the house on Sunday; William said he is going to disappear for the day.

Ridgy-didge: -

Do you think it’s ridgy – didge that Billy will piss off for the day when the relo’s turn up.

Translation: - Do you believe it’s genuine, that William will disappear for the day when the relations arrive?

Rip snorter: -

Lizzy and me are go'en on a big ship down to Vic, and we get a bus out to Flem'o to watch the Melbourne cup, it should be a rip snorter!

Translation: - Elizabeth and I are taking a cruise to Melbourne which includes transfers to the Flemington when the Melbourne cups on we can't wait it should be really fantastic.

Ripper: -

I went to that ripper party Billy put on, the food he put up was grouse, he even had a abbo band play'en, I gota tella ya I though good onya Billy it was a ripper night!

Translation: - I was invited to function that William arranged, the food was excellent, he invited an aboriginal band to play and they were very good, thought I should congratulate William on putting on a fantastic evening.

Road train: -

I told you Lizzy and meself when outback a coupla weeks ago, we saw the bloody biggest bunch of road trains ever mate, one after the other, I dun'o how those truckies behind can see in the fly'en red dust!

Translation: - I did mention that Elizabeth and I went out the centre of the country a few weeks ago well one of the sights we saw was very large trucks hauling very long trailers one after the other my friend. The there was a great deal of outback red dust created by the first truck I had difficulty understanding how the following truck drivers could see the road.

Rock up: -

Were all going to the pub straight after work taday and the raffle starts at 6aclock so you better rock up early ta grab ya tickets, they tell me there rafflal'en a bloody big chook!

Translation: - We are all meeting at the hotel right after work today, a raffle will be held at six o'clock it could be a good idea to arrive early as to allow you time to purchase tickets, I believe they raffling a rather large chicken.

Rollie: -

You blokes all smoke tailor made's any body got tabacca and a paper I'm inta rollie's meself, ah thanks mate, a bloke after me own heart!

Translation: - You fellows all smoke mass produced cigarettes do any of you possess fresh tobacco and roll your own papers, I much prefer to roll my own, thanks very much my friend you're a true gentleman.

Rooted: -

Yeah three more scooners of black luv! Hey that Forman flogged my arse off taday I can't believe how much work the prick gave me, I feel rooted!

Translation: - Yes please three more larger glasses of black ale please my lovely, I say the Forman really made me work very hard today, yes he gave me far to much work to do, I feel very tired.

Ropeable: -

I was bloody ropeable when Billy change his mind, Me'en Tommy had been plan'en it fa weeks. He could hav asked his misses to do it for'im!

Translation: - I was very angry when William decided not to complete his task as he said he would. Thomas and I had been working on the project for a number of weeks> He might have asked his wife to put it all together for him.

Rotten: -

I just can't seem ta drink as much as I use,ta a few beers and I'm rotten!

Translation: - I am unable to consume as much as I once could a small number glasses and I am very drunk indeed.


I thought South's would get up and flog'em they played terrific, I recon there the best team in the comp. Bloody rubbish mate, Parra would eat'em up and spit'em out!

Translation: - My thoughts were South's Sydney foot ball club would win Easley. They did perform well as a team. I do believe South's Sydney to be the best team playing in the competition. I don't wish to criticize my friend, BUT Parramatta would win many more games.

She'll be Right: -

I dun'no if I can get the boat into the water all bymeself mate? She'll be right mate, I'll give ya a hand and then we'll go fish'en.!

Translation: - I am very unsure about placing the boat into the water alone my friend, it will be or right my friend I will help you then we will go off fishing together.


I'm mov'en outa house tamorra, and I hav still got to rid of the lounge and the, fridge, do you know any one that might tak'em mate? yeah give to the Salvo's god bless'em!

Translation: - I am moving residents tomorrow and I still have a number of items that I need give away or sell, do you know anyone that might take them? Yes give them to the Salvation Army, god bless them.

Sanger: -

I'm off the tucker shop, you blokes want anything? Yer brings us back a googee and letus sanger willa mate?

Translation: - I am going to the food store, would of you fellows like me to pick up anything for you? Yes, bring my back a egg an lettuces sandwich please my friend.

Sav - saveloy: -

Would I tell ya a lie, Billy had Lizzy with him and he went right over ta Sal and pashed on with her in the corner at the party, come on fair suck of the sav, he didn't, he musta had a few beers! I tell ya he did!

Translation: - I would not tell you a lie! William took Elizabeth with him, however he meet Sally and started kissing her in the corner at the function, oh! Pleasetaht can't be correct, William must have had a few aphonic drinks, no I can tell you he did not.

Schooner: -

I get the first round you blokes get some chairs set up at the bar, yer giz 5 scooners luv, it's your shout next Billy!

Translation: - I organise the round of drinks while you fellows set a few chairs up at the bar. Yes please may I have 5 large glasses of beer, it will be your turn to buy next William.

Scratchy: -

You get the beers Tommy, I'm gunner pop in next door the paper shop and get a couple a scratchy tickets!

Translation: - Will you please organise the glasses of beer please Thomas. I just head next door to the news agency to purchase two instant scratch lottery tickets.


You put the nappy on the baby I'll grab the other kids duck up the servo, fill her up and get back quick so we can shuv off!

Translation: - You complete dressing the baby, I will take our other children with me to the petrol service station, fill up with petrol (gas) and return as quickly as possible so we can leave.

Shag on a rock: -

Well I went as quick as I could and your still not ready, ya got me stand around like a shag on a rock here, Bloody well hurry up will'a!

Translation: - I travelled as fast as possible, however I find it hard to believe your not prepared to go, now I am standing around with nothing to do, just waiting, could you please move a little faster.

Stands out like dogs balls: -

These pants anr't clean luv, I know I told you ta change ya bloody dacks, before we left that mess on'um stands out like dogss balls, get ya arsa over here and I'll try'en clean'em for ya!

Translation: - The trousers I have worn are not very clean my dear. I suggested to you stongly that you should change your trousers before leaving, they are very dirty and it is very obvious, come over quickly and I will try and clean them for you.

She'll be right:-

Lizzy was very agro, because the grouse Barbie she had planed had to be put off because it rained, any Billy put his arms around her and said She'll be right luv, it can't frig'en rain every day!

Translation: - Elizabeth was very angry, because the wonderful barbeque she had planed had to be cancelled due to rain. William placed his arms around her and said it will all turn or right my love, there will be other days.

Sheila: -

Australia is full of Sheila's some of'em young and pretty, others older and smart and some in the right in the middle, so there is a Sheila for everyone bloke in our country!

Translation: - Australia has many girls some young and beautiful, others older and wiser and some not so old, so there is a girls for every man in Australia.

Shit house: -

Tommy went got himself an old used Ute, he thinks its bloody grouse but his misses is really pissed, she said it's the biggest shit house of a car and won't ride in it. Stick it up yours arse!

Translation: - Thomas purchased an older second hand car, he really likes it, but his wife is very upset that in brought it and said it is the biggest piece of rubbish and refuses to ride in it. She did say you can place it in you anus?.


Billy picked up an old Ute, the one his misses won't get in, Tommy tells me he got off this real shonky bloke down by the pub!

Translation: - William purchased this old car, the one his wife won't ride in, Thomas tells me he purchased it from this very dubious, underhanded man near the hotel

Shoot through: -

Billy finally took that old Ute back to the bloke he bort it off to try and give it back, But when he got there the bloke a had pissed off, you know shoot through!

Translation: - Translation: - William finally decided to try to return the old car he purchased form the chap near the hotel, however when he arrive at the hotel the chap had left and was no where to be found.

Shout: -

I'll get the first lot of beers then one of you lot can get the next shout!

Translation: - I will purchase the first round of beers; one of you chaps can purchase the next round. Or the next shout is yours!

Show pony: -

I was hav'en a couple of beers with Tommy when Billy turned up dressed up like a pox'ed up doctor, strutting his stuff, he was carrying on like a show pony!

Translation: - I was enjoy a drink of beer with Thomas when William arrived dresses in his Sunday best, he thought he looked very nice, all prepared like a show horse in a parade.

Sickie: -

Tommy's and his misses has invited Lizzy, Billy and hole bunch of others to the beach on Thusdi, Lizz got her self a new cosy and wants to try it out, you go'en,?
I don't think I can mate I'd have to take a sickie and if I take any more the boss is gunner get the shits!

Translation: - Thomas and his wife has invited Elizabeth, William and few others to go to beach on Thursday, Elizabeth has purchased a new swim suit and would like to wear it. Are you going? I don't think I will be able too my friend, I would need to have a day off work and pretend that I'm ill and my employer will be very upset.

Skite: -

Billy finally got ride of that old Ute, he traded in and picked up a really nice 4 x 4 He's happy cause his misses get in and sit up like she on her high horse, Billys been skit'en all over town about it!.

Translation: - William finally traded his old car for a better 4x4 wheel drive, he is very happy because his wife enjoys ridding it very much. William has been boasting about it all over the town.


I snuck out to have a couple of coldies at the pub and my misses came look'en for me, I saw her walk in search'en about , so I had to skull down me beer and piss of through the back door!

Translation: - I crept out of the house to enjoy aone or two cold beers at the hotel and my wife came in looing for me I saw her and drank my beer down without taking a breath and left by the rear door.


Tommy told me he could'nt be bothered buy lose stubbies on there own any more cause there to pricy. When you can buy slab cheaper!

Translation: -Thomas told me that he was past purchasing single bottles of beer when he can purchase a box of 24 a lot cheaper.

Smoko: -

Hey you blokes that's the whistle! Smoke, who wants something from the shop?

Translation: -Hello every one, that was the horn signalling the morning tea break, would anyone like any purchased from the store?

Snag: -

That barbies on ta day luv, I duck up the butchers and grab some snags and rissoles OK!

Translation: -That barbeque is on today my dear, I will go to the meat prepair shore and purchase a few sausages and some beef patties, or right!


Lizzy said to tell you all, that Billy fell over cut his foot and won't be go'en down to the pub. Ah the bloody big sook what's wrong with him!

Translation: - Elaizabeth explained to the boys that William has cut his foot and will not be attending the hotel today. The lads said he is to soft and should try harder.

Spag bol: -

What are ya hav'en fro tea tonight Billy, looks like the misses is cook'en up some spag- bol mate!

Translation: - What will you be having for dinner tonight William, I belive my wife is preparing spaghetti Bolognese.

Spewin: -

Billy and Tommy stayed out drink'en piss until 4 in the mornin both there misses are spewin!

Translation: - William ans Thomas went out drinking alcohol until 4 in the morning both of there wives were very, very angry.


Lzzy and Tommys misses got all done up for the do over at Bens and did they look spiffy, William, did double tacks, he couldn't take his eyes of Lizzy.

Translation: - Elizabeth and Thomas wife prepaired them selves for the night out at Bens, make up and there very best out fits. William had too look a number of times and not take his eyes form her all evening.

Spit the dummy:-

We were all just sitting around chew'en the cud and the blokes come up with the idea to go down to the pub, (how unusual!) any way Lizzy really spit the dummy, Scream 'en out, you bloke's are all the same that's all you ever think about the bloody pub!

Translation:- A group of us were all sitting together taking, when the men decide that it might be a very good idea to got o the hotel for a drink. Well Elizabeth became very upset and said is there noting else you men think about but the hotel!

Sprung: -

I wanted to go to the pub to meet Billy and the boys for a couple' a beers and the misses said you go down to that bloody pub tonight and there will be hell to pay. So I told her I was go'en ta bed, any way I snuck out, but as I got to the front door I got sprung, an the roof nilly come off the house!

Translation: - I had intended to meet William and a few of the lads at the hotel for a drink or two. When my wife told me that I was not to go and if I did see would be very, very upset. I mentioned to her that I would go to bed, but I would then sneak out, well she caught me and yelled that loud I thought the roof of the house would come off.

Spunk: -

Whistle, whistle, now there's a good look'en sheila, Billy, yeah what a spunk!

Translation: - Crude whistle, Now there is a very attractive young lady William, yes! I would say a dream alive.


Tommy's misses pick up a beaut looking pair a jeans for Lizzy birthday, wanta have squiz?

Translation: - Thomas's wife purchased a lovely pair of blue jeans for Elizabeth's birthday would you like to have a look at them.

Station: -

Billy's uncle lives on a station that go's for over 20000 clicks, he rides Brumby's and go's shoot'en and everything.

Translation: - Williams uncle resides on a very large property, over 20000 kilometers in size. He rides on ferrell horse's and enjoys days out hunting and much more.


I was talk'en to Ethel over the fence yesterti about know'en up a pav and damper for the Sundi school picnic and that bloody stickybeak form over the back was watch'en and listen to every thing!

Translation: - I was have a chat with Ethel over the back fence yesterday about cooking a pavlova and a loaf of Aussie bread for the Sunday school picnic and that nosy person form over the rear of the property was watching and listening in our conversation.

Stoked: -

Lizzy was relly stoked when I told her we were all go'en bush for a few days!

Translation: - Elizabeth was very pleased when I mentioned to her that we are all intending to the country for a few days.

Stone the crows: -

I can't believe it mate were all go'en, everyone, well stone the crows that's great mate!

Translation: - I can hardly believe itmy friend we all going to go, everyone , no one would believe it! That wonderful my friend.


Billy and Tommy are in strife again, they both got stonkered at the pup!

Translation: - William and Thomas are in trouble again, both of them drank that much that they were very drunk at the pub.

Strewth: -

Strewth mate, Lizzy's not gunner put up with that much longer, Billy better not get to pissed this Fridi!

Translation: - Golly my friend, Elizabeth is not going to take much more of that, William should take care not to consume to much alcohol this Friday.

Strides: -

Com on, you com'en or what? Ah, hold ya bloody horses, I got get me strides on!

Translation: - Come on, are you coming or not? Please wait a moment, I need to put on my trousers.

Stuffed: -

I don'no about you lot but I'm bloody stuffed mate, cricky I wish had'ta scoffed so much food in ta me!

Translation: - I don't know about you people, I feel very tired my friend, golly I wish I had not eaten that much food

Sunnies: -

Hey Lizzy, I can't find me sunnies luv where did ya put 'em sweety.

Translation; - Hello Elizabeth I am unable to find my sunglasses my dear, could you tell me where you placed them, my sweet heart.


Well if were all go.en, lets get crack'en, come on Billy what are ya do'en, I'm just grab'en me swag mate!

Translation: - Well its time to leave lets hurry come on William what is it that's holding you up? I am rolling up my bedding to carry my friend.

Tall poppies: -

Giz another dogs eye will ya mate? Look at those tall poppies sit'en that flash restaurant gutts'en , do ya think they no what there missen?

Translation: - Pass me another meat pie would you please my friend? Look at those successful people eating in the nice restaurant do you believe they fully understand what they are missing out on.

That'd be right: -

Jodie was tell'en Billy that Ben scored that big sparky's contract that Tommy was try'en for. William said, that'd be right Bens always been a bit of a stand out mate!

Translation: - Jodie was telling William that Ben won the large electrical contract over Thomas William said, yes that would be correct, Ben has always very clever in tos area.

Technicolor yawn or laugh: -

Lizzy was down at the pub will Billy on fridi night and got a bit a bad tucker and on top of all the booz'en they did she chucked a technicolor yawn mate!

Translation: - Elizabeth was down at the hotel with William on Friday and must have eating some poisoned food and she drank copious amounts of alcohol, this made her very sick and vomited every where.

Tee-up: -

The parties on this Saturdi and I've got just about every set ta go but I wanted ta get a flashy toy ta play the music can you help mate. yeah mate I tee it up for ya!

Translation: - The function is on this coming Saturday and I managed to arrange just about every thing except the juke box to play the music, care you able to help me my friend, yes I will arrange it for you.

Thingo: -

Hey Tommy did you tee up that thingo for me mate you know the music?

Translation: - Hellow Thomas did you organise the juke box for me my friend, the item to play the music. You could also use aussie slang like; The thingummy, whatsit or the wadjamacallit.

Throw-down: -

Hey billy when you come back from the pub bing me back a slab a thow- downs will'ya mate, I fix ya up later.

Translation: - Hello William on your return from the hotel would you please bring me a carton of small bottles of beer, I will gladly pay you later.
Throw-down A small bottle of beer which you can throw down or drink quickly.

Tinny: -

Billy scratch a winner at paper shop, you beauty ! He 's a really tinney basted how much did he win? Ah, 2 bucks!

Translation: - William scratch a winning instant lottery ticket at the news agents. How wonderful, he really is very lucky, how ddi he win ? $2 dollars.

Tinny: -

After the win Billy ran down to the pub and grabed a salb of tinny's!

Translation: - After scrating the ticket William ran to the hotel and purchased a carton of beer.

Tinny: -

You blokes wana put the tinny in and go fish'en?

Translation: - You fellow want to put the tin boat into the water and go fishing?

Two pot screamer: -

We were all hav'en a drink at the pub and two sheila's came in, they must off only been there for two drink and they were off there face mate, talk a bout two pot screamers, that was them!

Translation: - We were all enjoying a drink at the hotel when a couple of young ladies came in, they only partook in one or two alcoholic drinks and there mode changed dramatically they seemed to be drunk on very little alcohol.

Togs: -

Where all go'en for a dip up at the pool, come on get ya toggs on and lets go!

Translation: - We are all heading for a swim at the local swimming pool, come on put on you're swim suit and we will go.

That'd be right: -

I can't go to the pool my mums com'en over for a cuppa, yeah, that'd be right., wel we'll go without ya!

Translation: - I won't be able to go to the swimming pool with you because my mother is coming over for a cup of tea I see well we will go with out you.

Too right!: -

What about when your mum go's home can you come to the pool then? Too right, ok then we'll meet ya there!

Translation: - When your mother leaves for home are you available to come to the swimming pool then? Yes definitely! Or right then we will meet up with you there.

Trackies: -

I might just put my trackies on over me cosy's and run up!

Translation: - I will wear my track suit over the top of my swimming costume, that way I run up there.

True blue: -

The best bloke I ever saw on the stage was Peter Allen, I recon he was just the grouse's signer and he was good at dancin too. And what's more he is a true blue Aussie!

Translation: - The best man I ever saw on stage was Mr Peter Allen I believe he was with out doubt the very best entertainer his singing and dancing was fabulous and what's more he is a patriotic Australian.

Tucker: -

I know I home early the Forman kick me out any way what's for tucker t'night luv?

Translation: - I know I am home very early; the Forman let me go a little earlier, Well what is for diner this evening my dear.

Two up: -

I left the pub a before clos'en to night luv, cause they were all play'en two up and no basted wanted to sit a drink!

Translation: - I decided to leave the hotel before closing tonight dear because the fellows were gambling you know spinning two coins simultaneously and betting on the sides and no one wanted to sit with me and drink.

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