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Aussie Slang: O - P


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Off one's Face: -

How many tinny's has Tommy had tonight Billy? He's totally off his face mate!

Translation: - How many cans of beer has Thomas drank this evening William, he is very, very drunk my friend.

O.S.: -

Lizzy and her girls friends are buggering off O.S. next month.

Translation: Elizabeth and some of her girl's friends are going over sea next month.

Old fella: -

Tommy and I stuck on the creams and went played lawn bowls yesterdi, we both had showers at the end of the day, the funny part was as Tommy was putting his clothes on some bloke hurried past and swung Tommy’s locker door closed and caught his old fella in the locker door. I pissed my self laughing!

Translation: - Thomas and I dressed in our cream clothes played lawn bows yesterday, and took showers after, I got a very good laugh, because as Thomas was dressing a fellow came rushing past and bumped Thomas locker door closed and caught Thomas penis in the locker very painful but I could not stop laughing.

Outback: -

I need a break I’m heading off to he outback to go shoot’en, I hope to bag a couple bomers mate!

Translation: - I really do need some time to my self so I am going out to the centre of Australia to go hunting, I am hopping to shoot a couple of large kangaroos my friend.

Pash: -

Hey did you see Lizzy pash’en on with Billy at the sundi school Barbie, if Tommy finds out he will be pissed!

Translation: - Did you happen to notice Elizabeth kissing William at the Sunday school barbeque if Thomas finds out he will be very annoyed.
Pash : A longish, passionate kiss; "pashing on" or “pash’en on”

Pav: -

Billy’s cook put together a great party last week did any one try that giant pav.

Translation: - Williams wife organised a fabulous gathering last weekend, did any one taste the giant pavlova?

Pavlova:- The Pavlova is a classic Australian Dessert

Perve: -

Tommy has a great misses but he perves on just about every sheila in town!

Translation: - Thomas has a wonderful wife; however he continues to stare at every other girls in town.

Piece of piss: -

I get that done in ten sec’s flat mate, it’s a piece of piss!

Translation: - I can achieve that in ten seconds or less my friend, it is a very easy task.

Pig's arse!: -

My mate Al would give up punting on the horses if asked him! Yer pigs arse, he wouldn’t, you’d have no hope!

Translation: - My very good friend Albert would stop gambling on the race horses if I asked him, I don't agree with you, if fact I believe you would have no chance.


All the guys are going up to Brisie to meet up with the team from Tasie and we need you Billy to make the bookings. Billy said, I’m not go’en, WHY NOT even one asked, I just don’t wana go, you’re a bloody piker Billy!

Translation: - All the lads are going up to Brisbane to meet the team from Tasmania and we would like you William to make the arrangements. William made the statement, I don’t wish to go! You can't change your mind now William, you will set every one plans.


Hey luv, Billy and I are gunner bugger off to the bottle shop to pick up some cheap plonk!

Translation: - Darling, William and I are going to run down to the liquor shop to purchase some cheap wine.

Pokies: -

You and Lizzy put heaps in the pokies the other night how much did ya lose!

Translation: - You and Elizabeth place a lot of money into the slot/ fruit/ gambling machines last night how much did you lose.


Hey the State elections are coming up soon Lizzy is your dad still a polly?

Translation: - The state elections are coming up son Elizabeth is your father still a Politician.


I’v never known a bloke to tell more porky’s that this bloke!

Translation: - I have never met a man that tells more lies then this man.

Pozzy: -

Billy and Tommy got a great pozzy at the footy game last week!

Translation: - William and Thomas obtained fabulous positions at the foot ball game last week.

Prezzy: -

It’s billy’s birthday next Tuestdi I gota get him a prezzy!

Translation: - It is Williams’s birthday next Tuesday I need to buy him a present.

Quid, make a: -

I need to go and get a better job where I can make a quid!

Translation: - I need to improve my position so I can increase my salary.

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