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Aussie Slang: L - N


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Lair: -

I over heard Lizzy telling Tommy and his mates how much of lair Tommy was the other night, all dresses up ta kill he was, flash tie and new bag a fruit carry on like a chook with it's head cut off!

Translation: - I heard Elizabeth discussing Thomas and his friends flashily dress and how pompous he was. Dressed with a fancy neck tie and brand new suit he looked very smart, however there brash and vulgar behaviour left a lot to be desired.

Larrikin: -

That, Billy, he's a larrikin, he's always piss'en about and I laugh me head off when he's about!

Translation: - William is a prankster he is always playing around and enjoying himself, when I am around him he makes me laugh.

Lippy: -

Come on luv what taken so bloody long? I'll only be a mini, I'm just put'en on me lippy!

Translation: - Please dear, what seems to be holding you up? I will only be a few more minutes I am just putting on my lipstick.

Lend of: -

- I'm tell'en ya it's the bloody truth, he was there and it did happen. Well I think your hav'en a lend of me mate!

Translation: - I am letting you know that is the truth, he was there and that did happen. You must consider me to be very gullible and are trying to take advantage of me, my friend.


I can see you lot hav lobbed, how many of you are there? 25 all with a slab! Cricky! you just can't lob up with 25 blokes to have a party at my place!

Translation: - Well this is a surprise how many of you are there, 25 all carrying a case of beer each, goodness you just can't arrive unannounced with 25 men to start a party at my home.

Lollies: -

I go put petrol in the ute luv and grab some lollies, chockies and a couple of paddle pops for the kids. Then we'll piss off up the coast for the day!

Translation: - I will go and have the car fuelled my dear, and l will also pick some sweets, chocolate, and Ice cream on a stick for the children, then when I return we will drive up the coast for the day.

Long paddock:-

How's the drought affecting your Tommy, Well I'm at the point where I runn'en the bloody lot in the log paddock!

Translation: - Are you being affected by the drought Thomas, yes I have not grazing at home its all dried up so I have taken the cattle down the high way to graze along the side of the road.

Longneck: -

You two sheilas on the piss again you could have waited until I got home to enjoy a long neck or two with ya luv!

Translation: - You two girls drinking alcohol again, you might have waited until I arrived home I would have a had a couple of long neck beers with you my dear.

Maccas: -

I go'en to meet Billy at Maccas luv, you wana come down for a Berger and a long neck or two!

Translation: - I heading down to McDonald's to meet William my dear, would you like to come along and enjoy a hamburger and a couple bottle of beer.

Mallee bull: -

I was watching Tommy at work taday he's bloody strong, fit as a Mallee Bull if ya ask me!

Translation: - I could not help but watch William at work today he really is a big strong boy, and he seems as fit as a Australian Bull.

Mate's rates: -

I can buy that car through the dealer, but Tommy works there and he'll get me mates rates!

Translation: - I am able to purchase that motor car direct from the motor dealer, however Thomas is employed by that company and can arrange a very good discount.

Metho: -

I get the bush telly go'en fella's while you lot unpack the ute, pass me the metho and a drop of that will kick it of nicely!

Translation: - I start the campfire boy's while all of you unpack the car, please pass me the methylated spirits a drop on the wood will help in starting the fire.


Who wants a beer, that's 1,2,3, 4,5, now who wants middy's or schooners 5 middy's, Ok I shout this round you lot grab a table!

Translation: - Who would like a glass a beer 1,2,3,4,5 now you have a choice a small glass or a larger glass, that's 5 small, I will buy them this time you fellows find a table where we can be seated.


I can't stand those basted blokes that bash up sheilas, there was a mongrel down the pub yesterdi wacken into this chick, thank god a couple of burley bouncers grabbed him!

Translation: - I really dislike men whom hit women, there was this despicable person at the hotel yesterday hitting this young girl. Thank god two very big hotel security guards took hold of him.

Moolah: -

Hey sweety, luv of my life, YES! What are you sucking up for? Well luv I'd like a little moolah so I can go to the pub for a couple of scooners, you can come along if ya like!

Translation: - Hello darling, love of my life, yes dear, why are you talking to me so nicely? Well I would like a little money so I buy a one or two glasses of beer at the hotal, of course I would very much like you to come along.

Mozzie: -

What are you doing luv, I'm look'en for the fly spray, these mozzies are tak'en lumps outa me.

Translation: - What are you doing my dear, Iam looking for the insect spray, the Mosquito's are really bighting me.

Muddy: -

I cut up the bate and put the crab pots out, we'll suck on a couple of long necks, than come back and see if w got any muddy's!

Translation: - I have cut and prepared the fish bate placed it into the crab catching pots, we will have a drink or and then come back to see if we have caught any mud crabs in the pots.


He's a bloody mug that bloke.

Translation: - He is a very gullible man.

Mystery bag: -

I go'en shopp'en luv, is ther any thing I can get ya. Ah, yer bring us back a mistery bag with sauce luv!

Translation: - I am going down the store my love can I bring you back anything. Yes please bring me back a meat pie and I would like a little tomato sauce on it.

Naughty: -

Tommy's was telling me that he and misses were caught at it, the other morning they were having a naughty and the kids all ran in and jumped on the bed!

Translation: - Thomas was telling me about an experience he and his wife had, the other morning they were in bed kissing and cuddling when the children came rushing in and jumped on the bed.

Never - Never: -

Billy and his misses are heading out to the never, never next week he's packed the tent and are ready to go!

Translation: - William and his wife are heading out to the centre of Australia next week they have the tent packet and thee ready to go.


Lizzy takes the little kids to the beach every Sundi in summer there Nippers in the local savers club!

Translation: - Elizabeth takes young children the beach every Sunday in the summer there Nippers in the local surf lie saving club.

No drama:-

I asked Billy to help with the kids on Tuesdi , no drama he said I be there will bells on luv!

Translation: - I asked William to help with the children last Tuesday, I be glade to he said I will be there on right on time my love.

No worries!: -

Are you going to meet the sheilas and take care of the Barbie next week Billy? Yep no worries mate!

Translation: - Are you going to meet up with the girl's next weekend take control of the barbeque? Yes I am and you have no need to be concerned.

No-hoper: -

I was down at the milk bar buy'en a chockie for the kids when three scruffy no hopers walked in, not only did they look bad but they stunk mate!

Translation: - I was down at the local variety store purchasing a chocolate for the children when three not so bright intellectually looking people came into the store and they had a server smell about them my friend.

Not the full quid: -

I meet Lizzy and Tommy a the sporty club the other night and they were with some dopy bloke, he was carrying about be'en a millionaire I looked a Tommy and said, He's just not the full quid mate!

Translation: - I meet Elizabeth and Thomas at the Sportsman club the other evening and they were there with another chap, who was telling me that he was a millionaire. I glance over at Thomas and said this fellow is crazy.

Nuddy: -

I told you the story about Tommy and Lizzy, the night Tommy caught Lizzy running around the hose in the nuddy!

Translation: - I did tell you the story about Thomas and Elizabeth, The night Thomas caught Elizabeth roaming around the house naked.

Nut out:-

What say we all get together with the sheilas and nut out the next blokes night out!

Translation: - How about we get together with the girls and come to some agreement for the next boy's night out.

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