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Aussie Slang: G - K


How Australians use slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned.

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.


G Day mate, cricky it's really good to see ya, you'en ya misses stay'en in town for a while?

Translation: - Hello my friend golly it is very good to see you again. Are you and your wife staying in town fro a few days?

Give that the flick:-

Give that the flick mate, its not worth keep'en it now!

Translation: - You should give that away my friend; it really is not worth keeping at this point of time.

Galah: -

You flam' en galah! What the bloody hell do you think ya up to mate!

Translation: - You very stupid person, what is that you think you're doing my friend.

Garbo: -

I put the bins out later luv, don't' you do it, the garbos com'en early taday!

Translation: - I will place the garbage bins out for collection my dear, The garbologist will be calling early today.

Give it a burl: -

I really don't think I can do it mate! Ah! Go on, Give it a burl, ya slack basted!

Translation: - I am a little apprehensive my friend, I know you are but try it any way, don't be so lazy.

Gobful: -

I was just sitt'en around mind'en me own business, when Tommy came over and gave me a gobful!

Translation: - I was quietly sitting on my own, when Thomas came over to me and stated to abuse me.

Gobsmacked: -

Me and Lizzy were up the mountains on a bush walk when we came to a break in the brush and mate the view, I was totally gobsmacked, it was so loverly!

Translation: - I took Elizabeth up to the mountains for the day and as we were wondering a long we came to a clearing my friend and we were astounded by the view it was glorious.

Good onya: -

Well I hav to say good onya, Billy, that was a great effort mate!

Translation: - I have say very well done to William that was a very good effort my friend.

Greenie: -

Take a look at that greenie, no basted go'en ta get him down from that tree, how the hell did he get up there!

Translation: - Look at that environmentalist everyone, no one is going to be able to bring him down, I wonder how he managed to rise so high in the tree.

Grinning like a chasseur cat: -

Tommy came out of the bathroom to catch Lizzy in the nuddy and had a smile on him like a chasseur cat!

Translation: - Thomas came from the bathroom to find Elizabeth in the nude and he had a rather large, satisfied, smile on his face.

Grouse: -

Lizzy, found Tommy in the back yard building a cubby for the kids and yelled out that's a grouse cubby Tommy!

Translation: - Elizabeth walked out into the rear garden and found Thomas working on a small house for the children; she raised her voice and said that's wonderful Thomas.

Grundies: -

Billy was fly'en around the house tri'en ta get ready for the do this arvo, Called out I got me socks an shirt, but I can't find any clean grundies, where are they luv!

Translation: - Willaim was very busy rummaging around the home quickly dressing for the afternoon gathering, he said I have my shirt and socks, buy I can't locate my underpants, do you know where they are my dear.

Gutful of piss: -

Tommy and Billy were sitt'en around sip'en on one for the road when Lizzy said, those two buggers have had a gutful of piss, how they gunner get home!

Translation: - Thomas and William were enjoying there last drink before leaving for home when Elizabeth came along and said those two lads have had far to much t drink how are they going to travel home.

Gyno: -

Tommy was telling me that Lizzy could be pregess! Anyway he's tak'en her off to see the gyno to make sure!

Translation: - Thomas was telling me that Elizabeth could be pregnant; to ensure all is well he going to take her to the gynaecologist.

Handle: -

Stand'en at the bar in the pub, I asked the bar maid, pretty she was too, for two middies and she said you'll hav ta hav handles, is that OK mate!

Translation: - I was standing in front of the hotel bar. I asked the bar attendant, a lovely girl, for two medium glasses of brown ale, when she said to me I am sorry we are out of glasses would you mind if I served you the drinks in mugs with handles, sir.

Heaps: -

Crazy mate, you know Tommy had heaps a chances with Lizzy before he got her to say shed marry him and then she did only cause he rakes in heaps of money!

Translation: - Unbelievable my friend, Thomas had many opportunities with Elizabeth before she told him that she would marry him and I sure the reason was Thomas earns an incredible amount of money.

Holy dooley!: -

I saw Billy picked himself up a new car, holy- dooley! it's a grouse thing!

Translation: - I noticed that William has purchased a brand new motor car, my goodness it is a fine machine.

Hooroo: -

Did ya notice that Billy's taken Lizzy a way for a few days, I had a couple of tinnens with em then I said hooroo and came over ta see you!

Translation: - I don't know if you are aware the William and Elizabeth have gone away for a few days. I sat and had two cans of beer with them before they left. I said goodbye and came over to pay you a visit.


This winter has been cold, I mifght lite up the old kero heater luv!

Translation: - This winter has been extraordinarily cold it my be best if I light up kerosene heater my dear.


Ah you gunner drop the kids off ta kindie luv, or shal I tak'em in the ute?

Translation: - Will you be taking the children to kindergarten my dear or shall I arrange to take them in my cay.

Knock back: -

I went down to buy the tickets for the game on Saturdi and got knocked back, they sold out!

Translation: - I went down to purchase the ticket for Saturdays game and was told I could not have them because they were all sold.

Knocker: -

The blasted Billy he's got inta trouble agin, tell'en those big blokes off down at the pub, he's such a bloody knocker!

Translation: - That annoying William he has managed to create trouble again, he was telling these rather large chaps down at the hotel how silly they looked, he criticises just about everything.

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